Nature's Revenge

Give Gerber Daisies machine guns! Actually, this is a doodle based off a friend of mine who loves FPS games but for some reason named himself "Flower Petal." Is it shirt-worthy? You decide. Happy '07.

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Hairy Blue

the more i look the more i like, but i don't like the tank tracks, or the little globe it seems to be standing on. meh 4.


hmmmm....haha nice

but it's not clear on what the tank is on


I'm not sure about the big tobacco endorsement, but I bet the cell walls really help keep the bullets out.


hahaha wow that's hilarious. i'd buy it.

mantasong profile pic Alumni

Love it! You should keep submitting :)


Awesome design. I'd buy it! $5


OMG, freaking killer --- 5


I don't like the color of the shirt but I like the design


I'm not assuming that's tobacco.


FYI, I'm not an advocate of war or smoking tobacco. I do advocate drawing crazy, imaginary things and if they roll over the hill toting machine guns, well all I can do is take cover.


I think this would look absolutely great on a light blue shirt.


Where did my comment go?

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yeah the colours are horrible


It's Bob the Angry Flower! :p


I don't like all that green - owwww, my eyes, they're burninggggggggggggggggggggggggg. Hey the design is great though!


great drawing, especially love the facial expression.
Try some different colors tho!


I love it just as it is although it might be cool riding through some sort of urban jungle type setting, lots of grays and strewn rubble etc... Keep submitting designs because I want to wear you. Okay that could be taken out of context but you know what I mean.


Gosh darn, that thing is liquefied compost green! I love the design. I would prefer to be buried wearing this shirt. This deign is stupendously perfect; I cried a little when I saw how great it is. My eyes watered up and great green drops fell to the earth. Moreover, I use a semicolon and I even went as far as using capitalization. I must have been born before 1985.


U could put it on red or some other colour tt reflects the flower's anger and violent streak. Love it's expression!


Cool shirt man! Nature sure should take revenge- how great would that be?!? Lord only knows how much man has screwed it up! "Every 3 months, Americans throw away enough aluminum to rebuild every commercial airplane in the country." WISE UP AND RECYCLE AMERICA! $$$$5


oh and to all you complainers...I like the GREEN, but as you know I AM partial to GREEN! Peace out!


i reckon the bright colours are way cooler. love the design!


Love the colors...that's the best part.

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