My Dream House

Everybody has a dream house and now you can own the blueprint of it! This house plan has almost all the rooms anyone can wish of; observatory, library, pool, etc, even a concert hall! You can choose to have the whole plan in solid white/black or you can choose to have it on pastel blue so it looks like a real blueprint.

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It might go without saying but....there's no bathrooms!!! Kind of a necessity!


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Haha, very observant of you! I had thought of putting in bathrooms at first, but in such a huge house, there may be more than 10 bathrooms! Although the bathroom is a necessity, it is pretty small scale which can be located anywhere, hence i didn't really specify its various different locations and i left it to the imagination of you guys. Hope it doesn't affect the design! =)


I really like this, but it is very similiar to some already printed designs.


i love the fact that theres no bathrooms. its funy and random and it bugs my neighbor cuz everybody has to use HIS! mwa ha ha


i love the fact that theres no bathrooms. its funy and random and it bugs my neighbor cuz everybody has to use HIS! mwa ha ha


ooops....didnt mean to do that....5$ since i screwed up yr blog. sweet shirt.


You'd have to clear too much land to build that dream house; dream, but don't be greedy.


or you could play Clue on this shirt... ;-)


My dream house is an earth the one up the road from me. It's built into a big hill and it's efficient and nice. :D


I think it's a great idea. I think I would have preferred oddball things/lables instead of regular stuff, such as: "secret staircase", "see through art hanging", "maze", etc.


I love it, but there are no rest rooms :).


I'm amazed at the discussion over bathrooms. But if there's bathrooms, won't the design look very typical and common? That's why it's worth $5.


I studyed arcitecture and found out that its a very hard thing to do. I love it but sometimes I just want to be silly and design somethign like this shirt as a real house then I get worried glances from my friends that I would actualy let someone live in a house like this and I quickly stop talking. I will say that I watched a house that has all of these features and an ice skating rink go up not to far form my old nerborhood. I love this design and would wear it proudly $5


i really loved your comment! it's like i have the same feelings as you. something that a child would dream of, but when you grow up, it's like an unspoken dream that you really wish one day would really come true. i'm really glad there is someone who has this deep feeling! oh, and with regards to cleaning, someone who has this much money to build such a house would most probably employ a butler and maids, so cleaning would not so much be a hassle. =)

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni nice in all colors...


I like the concept but think it might be more powerful if you used a blueprint of your childhood dream house. Possibly use ridiculous rooms or additions you your house. Like have a ball pit, piano keyboard in the hallway, etc.

lo r e

As someone who is in this major at my school... i love this shirt!!


i like it.. add one more color.


Grand saloon? Like in the old west? I think you mean salon - unless you're putting in those swinging half doors.


I like it better with the additional text on there...the "I want a white grand piano" etc. What can I say, I like text.


or since its a dream house, the house can have robots to clean.
Cool design..$4


pretty cool. gotta make the library bigger for all the nerds out there though. ;-)


it needs moats like dane cook's. and also, "master bath" wouldn't be bad to put in near the sauna.. they kind of fit together.


err Cannals. i meant. yeah cannals. but I've always wanted a moat.


I love the idea of leaving in the text.... and giving stuff silly childhood imagination names! that would be so funny.


You just have to add the other text in! It's like making notes as u're drafting it into your diary...I would love a ceiling made of glass! $5


i love love love the idea of this shirt, but little things like no bathrooms and the fact that it looks hand-drawn and not drafted would get me so much crap at my school (for architecture) that i couldn't wear it. plus some things like how far the master bedroom is away from the kitchen really bother me. what if i got hungry in the middle of the night, man?


people would probably stop you and make you wait five minutes while they looked at your shirt if you wore this

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