Mind Blowing

  • by OOH_OOH
  • posted Dec 28, 2006

I hope that everyone has had or will have this experience at least once in their life (figuratively speaking of course). Or...better yet...finds that person they can experience this with over and over again.

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I'd like it better if you replaced the brains and eye and skull pieces with just more blood splatter. But thats just me.


I like, but I think the placement is off. $4


i like it, but im not sure if i would wear it...still awesome


I find the eyeball too disturbing to buy the shirt, but I love the concept


I like this a lot. I'm not crazy about the whole brain or eyeball; I think it would be better with just the back of the head blowing off, I think it would get the point across just fine and be a bit less distracting (and gorey), but I still like it a lot.


I hope that doesn't happen when I give a boy a kiss. He might stop liking me.


I like how it blew out his eyeball too


ewww eye ball haha =P....but i'd give it a 4


I like the brain, but I'm not getting the eyeball. If you're going for mind-blowing, whats the eyeball have to do with it? And sine we already see that he appears to have one eye still intact... I don't know. I like it without the eye.

jrmasm profile pic Alumni

not sure I'd wear it, but it made me stop and look twice.


this is disgustingly romantic. i love it. 5$.


I like it!! Hahahahaha

Toasty Crackers

The guy's shirt looks a little too baggy and awkward... can't say exactly how, though. It would probably be best to lose the eye, too. Otherwise I love the concept and just about all of your execution.


hey. ive seen this design in deviantart.


lo. its you. my bad! hehehe.


Good wordplay interpretation and execution for that matter, but this is a bit graphic for a shirt to wear everywhere. Nice drawing though.


I don't think you need the brain or the eye...without it, you can make the design bigger on the shirt, and then I'd probably buy it. Or maybe if they were silhouettes?


awesome concept. A little gruesome though.


way to hit us over the head with it. No pun intended.

Design issues:

The couple looks very static and passionless, so it looks like the brain decided to jump ship and hit the eject button. If the couple was in a more dynamic pose, that would help. Still, I don't think the design is worth reworking. Brains are sexy, but only metaphorically.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

didn't i see this in the first species movie? but seriously, i really like this concept and you are almost there, but i would make the brain flotsam look a bit more cartoony and stylized so as not to gross out people and tie it into the more romantic nautre of what you are going for. or as lowfat wonderfully put it "this is disgustingly romantic. i love it. 5$." but only a 3 from me as of now, even though i wanna give it more but cant until changes are made.


too nasty. i wouldn't wear it unless you brought down its intensity (i.e. brain and eyeball).


a little too graphic for me....


love the idea but i'd never wear the shirt... too gorey


want buy and $5


haha, this is awesome.


i'm not sure if i like this or not.

i really like it, but then i wonder if i really want a brain and eyeball on my t-shirt.

hmm....well one thing's for sure i love purple, but this looks terrible on purple. navy is better.


even though it really makes me feel like i have to puke... it's really cool...


This makes me laugh. Great job.


My boyfriend's kisses are like that, so this is definately a major $5


make the brain more cartoony with dark lines
awesome concept that deserves a five


The idea of it is nice (a mind blowing kiss) but it's a bit too...not to sound juvenile here...icky for me. I wouldn't want to wear a brain on my shirt wrinkles nose

I agree with antything TravisT said about it.


Ewww. $1.


Great concept, but I wouldn't wear it. A bit graphic, but it's kinda funny. This would be much better if it were more cartoony IMHO


oooh I get it. clever! it's nice... but might look strange on a shirt.


this is a really funny shirt, good job


the brain and eyeball is totally uncalled for. you can scrap it totally. the back of his head would have already explained that it is mind blowing. the way you illustrate his mind being blown off has also got to be improved. the red looks like some MS Paint job. otherwise, the design has much potential and the concept is great.


Shirt looks amazing $5


I love it! But I would also like it without the eyeball.

Oxford XVII

More cartoony (and thus more obviously metaphorical) = yes


Its a little on the gross side

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