Sneaky Stegosaurus!

I wasn't sure if the question marks and exclamation marks needed to be there so it can be with or without them. On Azalea, Classic Pink, Light Blue, Gold and Pacific Blue. Suggestions are welcome.

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Princess Sparkles

I don't like the question and exclamation marks. The expression on his face is enough. But I really like it, it's cute. :D I'd totally buy it, preferable on Pacific Blue. $5


Awesome design. I would buy it if you lost the question marks. Or make them look more cartoony. I don't know. It's cool. :)


maybe if you drew out the question marks it would look better.


very funny, but i think the orange guy shouldent be shocked, because he wouldent be suprised that one is orange... so i think you should change the face to some other expresion instead of coppying the other face and fliping it.
I still like it tho =) 4


haha awesome. $5.


i love dinosaur shirts! make more of them horrayyy


I would prefer the shirt without the question and exclamation marks.


reminds me of the "you got some 'splainin to do" tshirt a little, just a little... but i bought that one so i like this idea too!


I like the question marks but i agree that you should draw them.
awesome tee $4


I think it wouldn't work without the question and exclamation marks. I LOVE it.


yeah the question and exclamation marks are not needed. I love it on the blue and like it on the yellow. It's flippin hilarious though! AWESOME! 5$


dont do the ?! and all of that, and give the oarnge dino a different expression.. mabey like its trying to pretend its surprised.


haha cute, kinda reminds me of "you got some 'splainin to do" though :\


so cute! love it on the gold :D i'd like it better without the question/exclamation marks though


either no "?!!?" or smaller please. sweet though


I agree with the comment that the face says it all, no ?!!? needed. Adorable, though

Brett F.

hahahaha ... this made me smile.


This doesn't actually make sense.


keep one question mark and hand-draw it or put it in a different font, smaller.


I'd make the font smaller. Other than that I heart it much.


do it w/o the punctuations :0)


it's so true! many people in this life wear masks!


verrrry cute please print


Thanks for the suggestions. I'm surprised how good this did considering I spent very little time on it. I might resubmit this with the changes you all suggested.

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