The Curlews

  • by rek
  • posted Dec 28, 2006

This was drawn by my ten year old daughter Kendra, who didn't need to look up what an "arabesque" was.

With so many people trying to simplify designs to look more and more like they were drawn by children, I figured it was better to be authentic. Why bother with trying to copy children, when my own kids are drawing things that I never could?

Watch this

that is awesome - are you going to share the money with her if you win? Tell your daughter is very talented and that she should help you with more subs! I like it in the brown the best


^^ I thought she said "bordered feet" and i was trying to figure out what that meant, but I agree now that I re-read it. :D I do love this. :)


It's legs are so flexible! Tell your daughter to keep at it!


If we win it goes straight to her art school college fund. She said she share any shirts she won with me though.

The boarder was the one she drew, and I really didn't want to edit it too much, I really did want to keep it authentic. I kind of like that it is sort of just there.


I love it. I'd buy it. Heck, I'd buy 20. (so when the old ones wear out, I'll have more)


great job Kendra! I'd buy it and for all my friends too!



ah...kendra obviously gets her art talents from her dad! i hope she wins...i would totally wear her shirt! -jenny


I saw someting else like this.... but it was more graphic with a map behind it.


I really do like it though! Don't get me wrong! Kendra is really cool.


You know, honestly, this just screams Decemberist to me, and that's the whole point. So awesome!

ladykat profile pic Alumni

when i first saw this i thought, 'hmm, there's something really appealing about this one.' so i decided to see if the artist had any more info about it... the backstory made it even more appealing! nice work


I really like this. Especially the design on blue. Cool.


The Decemberists are our family’s favorite, you should see the whole brood shake it to "Chimbley Sweep".

Thanks every one. Kendra (and all of us) are thrilled that you like it.

I really like that she really did illustrate a line from the song, rather than just do something "Decemberists-ish".


I love this design, lose the border though, it feels too trapped. 4


This is the coolest design that I have seen here for the contest. The Decemberists would be super lucky to have a design this good to win. And to top it off, by a 10 yo girl. THAT RULES!


Ooh, I love this one. I couldn't actually tell that it was drawn by a ten-year-old 'cause it was so stylish. Yay!


Absolutely immense! Sleek, stylish and different from so much other stuff out there.


Aww. That's cute you used her drawing. And it's really awesome at that. Not big on the Decemberists, but I'm loving the shirt.

Hecky Boy

brilliant. blue version is ace!!! well done, keep up the drawing kendra!! look forward to seeing more designs from your family, rek. maybe this is the start of something big??


The story behind this shirt is awesome. definetly the best.


I liked the design before I saw the story. Love the brown one- like the red bird, but not as much on the blue background. I would never have guessed the age of the artist. Too cool.

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