I'm living from day to day dreams

  • by iotadial
  • posted Dec 28, 2006

I'm living from day to day dreams come true in the dead of night in shining armor, me amore me amore how I love you more.

Watch this

I'm totally confused on why pieces of her body are missing.


^ i think its because shes partially underwater


This would work better on a blue shirt, maybe with some lines to indicate water.


Love the drawing, best on a dark blue shirt, placement maybe on bottom right would be better. And I don't get the bottle :)


w/ the exception of the thing up top looking like a ketchup bottle, i love this


This is pretty awesome. Maybe some water lines but you dont need to put it on a blue shirt

Pink Apple

I think she might be swimming in champagne? Which means the colour of the shirt is fair enough. But yeah, maybe some water-type lines to indicate she's partly submerged in liquid. Otherwise, beautiful.


Mermaid in bubbly? Mkay?


I love yr style, but her right arm seems too skinny in relation to the rest of her. She is beautiful though.


nice style. will look better on a blue tee.


like the illustration/idea. perhaps the some of the body contours could be smoothed out as it's a touch heroin death at the moment


i like it, and it looks like there are lines to indicate water (look at the left side of her torso) i think the placement is awesome. would only suggest that the bottle should resemble a champange bottle (i think that's what you're going for?) i think they are a little taller (i could be wrong, i don't drink)...but i like it nonetheless


ahh, i thought she was buried in the sand and the bottle contained some sort of message...who knows.


Seems very half-finished


yeah it looked to me like she was buried in the sand. I really like the idea, but if she's supposed to be in the sand make more dots and stuff to indicate that.


She looks wayy too thin, and maybe a little work on the champagne bottle.


I agree with chelly, the bottle confuses me, but I really like the fact that it takes a 2nd read to see she's a mermaid. I'd also like to see this on a periwinkle blue.

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