Death At Sea

  • by Papaprime
  • posted Dec 27, 2006

Needs more color. $5

Watch this

yes i like it $4


I smell jeremy fish. sniff!


laydeelou, my thoughts exactly. jeremy fish

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

damn, and his has a bunny in it too. :P

I had seen some of fish's work with skulls a while back, so I'm sure that's what inspired this... Didnt' realize he had beat me to this particular punch.... with a bunny. :D


Come on...Thats a very ripped off Jeremy Fish!!


The stripes & graph ruin it. Otherwise great.

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

ripped off and inspired by are a bit different.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

that's true papa, so you felt really inspired then to rip-off that fish dude! Just kidding my motherbrain wannabe! I don't think they are similiar to be considered rip offs at all, and i like what you have done much more than that one-colored yurtle the turtle-looking sub somone pasted here to prove you are a hackjob. The coloring is inspired (both on the turtle and the shirt), and your turtle is so mouch more at home in its own skin...i mean skull! But yeah, i'd make the whole thing a solid white color like dudervon said. 4$!


This is great and looks nothing like the image in the provided link.


I'm not saying you're copying by posting this link. I just wanted to show a 3-D version with a camper top on it. : D


This would be cool, but the skull is a little hard to make out right away.


Hey it's "tagged version 2", it a ripp off animal using a skull like a shell, it 's fish

Revolutionary Girl

Neat, I don't like the swirls and lines on it though. I think it would look good without colour either. Nicely inspired too, Picasso did it why can't you? :)

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

jesus appleton, seriosly, if you cant count to your own IQ you shouldn't be allowed to vote. I dont see how someone tracing an existing photo of a stencil can be compared to me drawing my own original image that was inspired by images that weren't even similar to begin with.

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

thanks, the grid lines where actually plan 2. I had an image of the globe, but the clouds and terrain weren't working the way I'd planned with the 5 color scheme, so I added a swatch to attain the "grid".

Thanks to all those who's opinions don't include the word "cheat" "rip-off" or "theif" even if you didn't like it. :)


a little too jeremy fish for me


I see the similarities, but its original enough and not drawn in quite the same style at jeremy fish.

But has a similar concept.


im sorry, but i love sea turtles, and this design made me die a bit inside


I can't get past the previous similarities... sorry.


I like the turtle, the scull not so much

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