Communist America

  • by nalwieno
  • posted Dec 27, 2006

first score, 3

been done before, but it is rather nicely done

Watch this

wow.... my comment was incoherent. I scored 3. It has been done before. But it is nicely executed. =) that makes more sense

Wonko _The_Sane

I'd like to see more communist shirts, but this one....

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

keep it secret... keep it safe...


but america is outright anto-communism. Does anyone know about the Cold War? And the shirt is really not giving me that vibe that your title suggests


WOAH! AMERICA IS COMMUNIST?!?!?!?!?! dude im coming to borrow your cow..don't worry you can have my chicken.....and I'm sure George W. will let one of us borrow his razor!...........................Nice execution though, thank God America is Communist otherwise you would NEVER get to post this


the communist party is just about dead... what's with all the shirts?

meh, i give it a 3.


Facist America, maybe.
Communist? Don't think so.
But okay, it's your world design. Okay, well done.


i'm sorry but please take a look at the state of all the current communist countries. they are second world countries and would never have anything remotely like Threadless there. 'nuff said.


gah thats like the 1284632846 communist shirt design i've seen on here. 3$


Gee YOU'RE original.
BTW Communism is kinda dead.
Now a shirt with a grav stone with this one it. maybe.


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Can't people just appreciate a strange hybrid of two well known symbols without assuming I am advocating something? I'm glad communism is dead. I'm not trying to revive it, I promise.

el vez

the thin wavey lines are rad .-3d is good too -just maybe dif subj-mattr....any one wants to know what america is -better read ayn rands (atlas shrugged)?


I would never ever wear this but I don't think people need to harass you. After reading your comments, what your trying to portray has come across nicely.


If you don't want people to assume then title it something like "CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY" or "What If"..........but im serious, I'm trying to borrow your cow

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they have an interstate trade barrier against cow trading

sorry man. I got some pickles if you want to trade for a chicken or a super mario pez dispenser




I like the design but 3D effects always look kind of weird on shirts, to me. What if you used American flag colours for this?


everyone is such asses on this site I just realized.. supposed to be about gd not just conceptual imagery--- not everything needs to make sense or be funny or have meaningful serious content, I personally wouldn't buy the shirt but for the sake of ART CRITIQUE I give you 4 cuz you damn good kid!


I'm in the "I'd like it better without the 3D effect" crowd, but I still gave it a 5 because the image is a great concept.


Yeah, I agree with dilkrom!! Just because its making a statement, doesn't mean we'd want to wear it. Sorry, its not my thing at all :(

panda grl

it's nicely done. it's good communism is dead , but capitalists are killing us slowly also .beware of big corporate brother. regardless of that, i give you 5, cause you did a nice job (although i think it will be better smaller)


spires, simply because I gravitate to communist t-shirts (maybe it's because i look good in red) and f'ing love all of your other designs, I'm giving you a 5. Damn the man!


I totally like the design, that's what it's about. Totally 5.

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