Recycled Air

  • by RoDaSho
  • posted Dec 25, 2006

Ba ba ba ba... Ba ba ba ba... Ba ba ba ba - ba ba - ba ba......

Watch this
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-add more detail to the windows. make it more obvious that you are looking out a planes window(s). add some detail to the window frames, and a small bit of shadow so theres a separation from the frame and the piece that is pulled down.
-as for the "outside" id leave it alone. so you have a realistic looking window, and a surreal landscape.

id like to see you alter this illustration a bit, and resubmit it. as-is right now, it gets a 4. edited and re-submitted i would give it a better score and an "id buy"


is that hold music your singing? hehe

Aerial 972

how nice :) isnt it 'gonna fly now'? anyway, cutecutecute.


this is exactly the scene i picture when i think of flying over america and looking out the plane's beautiful. i would put it on a more neutral background the inside of the plane.


Ah, that's my favorite Postal Service song! Nice


I do love the dreivation from the windows, and that you don't treat the viewer as someone who needs to be told everything. There is a great deal of beauty and thought that goes into a design like this. I say keep it the way it is. maybe if you wanted you could include a tiny plane in an obscure corner of the shirt... like on the back, or off tot he side, on the shoulder... just an idea.


I like xiv's suggestion about adding just a few details to help the design resemble airplane windows a bit more. Is that little circle a part of the window or something on the ground ?


ahhh the stale taste of recycled air! bee-yootiful shirt.

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Yay Postal Service :P But I wouldn't be able to tell it's plane windows without the people and the chairs.

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wow, cool


Nice idea, I've never understood why people close the blinds on plane windows! The views are so cool!

I like this, but I agree with the comments on sharpening up the window frame.


couldn't really tell the blinds were down, just looked blank, maybe vary the heights on the other two blinds, change those and its a buy4


This is a really great concept. I the hidden message in the landscape. $5!!


i love this..


is that a heart hidden in the landscape? how clever! i'd buy two!

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i thought it was a smiling old man's face...i'd like it if the plane window were going vertical not horizontal on the tee, and the one that is open is closest to your neck. Or at least make the other windows in various stages of closed or half-open. Still nice tho. 3.


Ha...Nice!! :)


I'd have no idea it was a plane window.


i think it'd be cool if you had the windows vertically oriented or if you just had the window on the far right bigger and in the center as the sole image


this is the best t-shirt design anybody has ever conceived, ever.


I really like the design, but I didn't get that they were supposed to be airplane windows. Is there anyway to make that more clear?


Postal Service allusion? Even if that wasn't your intent, it makes me think of the Postal Service, which makes we like the design more.


i thought that the ba-ba-ba-ba thing was from when maury ballstein was telling derek zoolander about being chosen for the 'derelicte' ad campaign... that would have been funnier.

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Hey, thanks for all the comments. If the design is chosen, mabes some can be taken into account. I think the biggest change I would make would be to open the first window a bit more, and add some highlights to the frame here and there. A bit of insight into the design... it is Postal Service inspired (who isn't inspired by PS?) and the landscape is of New London, NH. I went to a wedding there that really touched me, and bam, the design was born. Thanks, and keep the comments coming! (and check out my other design, "a bubbly beginning.")


Ahahaha... this is one of those where I don't love the execution but the idea is BRILLIANT!


I like the idea but think it would look better with the other windows open more.


I really like this, neat idea for sure.


Awesome-o. $5

Love the green shirts. They'll always get a $5 from me.


I'd like just a big farmland view on a shirt. Reminds me of home!


nice idea.
the windows have such a distinctive shape and I love looking out.
if you re-do the amount of openness of the windows I would make it more random and not a gradual progression. maybe only one partly shut or the middle more shut than the first. i don't think it should look like a time laps of the window opening.
i like the design.


Excellent idea! you are brilliant!


postal service?


hehe knew it was Postal service related!
the stale taste of recycled air...


The blinds are drawn? I can't tell what's with them.


I love it tons.
The postal service quote, huh?

I LOVE even more.


yeah dude i would buy it just because it refers to postal service even if people who see it can't tell. i would know and that's all that matters! constructive criticism though. make it more defined it's an airplane because at first i didn't understand and make it look otherwise flippin awesome!!5$


I really like it, and would by it ! Bravo.


totally didnt get it at first. but once i did i loveeeeeeeee it. :)

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