Tough Love

I did this one about two years ago now, original version was done in paint, the one that I found this morning. I figured I'd spend my Xmas nite revamping it. 5 minutes later, it looks almost the same. Gosh I do love MS Paint.

Watch this

Slightly bigger, on Dakota Slate, and I'll buy it. $5


great job. i agree, make the images slightly bigger and it'd be perfect

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It's pretty cool.


i like it, it sends a message about War and the effects it has. Its not just a tee.


i wish it said tough love on it somewhere - but we all know how much threadless loves text - nice job, sir/madame.


This idea has been done before, but I really like the way this has been done. Beats the rest.


definite buy, 5$ and banish those who say done before cuz who cares, we all need be original within ourselves... plus how many threadless designs actually mean jack in the real world... I have yet to see one good enough to buy, you rule it and I don't mind the color or size a damn bit (if changed it wouldn't detract though so maybe screw my opinion)


looks a bit like the greenday shirt but with more meaning... ^^


I quite like this one, think I would buy it actually for my brother if it gets printed.


awesome! 5$

Velvet Jones

I like where it's going but needs something more. I'll let you figure that out.


ehh im not crazy about how dark it is BUT its still a $5. i think its great.


Love the style and look of the Chopper and bombs,
You may get some flack about that fact that helicopters don't drop bombs tho- they fly too slow and generally shoot missles instead.

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Those bombs look like torn band-aids. Which gives me an excellent idea....!


Do helicopters drop bombs like that?


Looks more like his missiles are falling instead of being fired. Cool idea though


simple message, just overused.


A hint of Banksy in there... but I like :)

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