Morning Ritual

this looks really cool. a def $5

Watch this

I can't see anything :-(


i dont' know why but i like it!!!


Could you do a close-up so we can see the mirror reflection? It's too small now, but I love the idea.

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This is a "flash" presentation (click on the question mark ? in the lower left-hand corner-hold and drag). Delightful character and concept. Love his fuzzy towel and bunny slippers. $5


you people need to learn to click the question mark and zoom in.

The shirt made me giggle, 4


i.e. the whole screen was white. but now that i'm home it's showing up. and i like it!


I like the fuzzy towel. 5 dollars


hah! great stuff. 5


Hilarious! 5$
I would fix/lose the pattern on the towel, but it's great nonetheless.


holy sh*t. what kind of imagination do you got there. its brilliant. id buy a bunch of this so i can wear it everday. 24/7. 5$


its kind of cool..but whats the concept..i cant really see the thought behind it..a pencil shaving? its weird...but maybe thats why i sort of like it


oh_bang_bang: when you sharpen your pencil you get pencil shavings..

think about it.


it'd be much better if he was sharpening himself -- you've got the concept down, though

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Hihi pretty good. But bigger an not on blue. 5


there has to be some pencil shavings lying around... i mean... c'mon.



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fucking awesome!!!! this is beautiful, well done!


hahahaha $5! hope this gets printed!


i like that hes nice job on the design

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i like what you are going for, but i have two suggestions you might hate or love- 1. Have the eraser poking out from underneath the towel, which will add a little bit more comedy to the piece and 2. Have the pencil shaving the top of his head so that he will be sharpening himself instead of shaving where a human being would. Or you could have the eyes and face be on the side facing us, and have the pencil tip be like his beard that he is shaving. Good stuff tho.

Kurt Yeah

this is a nice one. your draftsmanship is good as well as your attention to detail. too bad everyone is too stupid to figure out that you can zoom in on the design.


I love the that the pencil is whistling/humming/singing!


I agree w/ FRICKINAWESOME's comments.

Very very nice work.

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fantastic! I hope this one gets picked up.


This just about made my day. Love it.

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