Sleep Sheep for insomniacs

My very first design! In the dark, the 'SLEEP' word made out of sheep glows. If you look carefully into the original design (cannot be seen here), there is a sheep that is upside down! The shirt can be also used for insomniacs to count the number of sheep on the shirt. A very useful shirt on the whole!

Please do give me some constructive critism!

Watch this

your idea is so so creative. well done for your design!


Very cool... A darker colour tee and it would be awesome... maybe even a black... This would work well as a long sleeve too!
I love it! Well done! Especially for a first design! 5$


I'd buy it.

On a black tee it would look nice, but I'd even take brown.



Dark grey? Please?


I love it a lot.
I would deffinatly buy it the top left purply color.


I LOVE IT!! dark purple, or blue, or yea even black
AWESOME, i really hope it gets printed


quite nice as a kids tee


Love this, love it on the darker colour, the pink is cute too. 5$


this is great! i prefer it on a darker shirt too. $5


Great idea, would love to see this on a Slate Grey T.

Maybe a 5$ will help it happen :)


Sorry guys - I LOVE the pink


nice, except maybe not the 'sleep' in neon green....some colour a little less jaring. I really like the idea though!


i love the pink too, but i see what you guys mean when you said it'll look good on darker colors. many others said they would prefer it on a darker shirt too. for girls i think pink is pretty sweet. yay! thanks for all the comments though! ^_^


interesting!! agree with alianne bout the neon green though ~


i was thinking it won't be neon green on the sheep. maybe it could be light blue or light green or even white (disguised sheep! ^_^) ohh, and i totally forgot to add that if you guys wish, the sheep could be in those puffy material. gives it more of the 3D feel.


why would you need it to glow in the dark?

Pink Apple

I think slate grey or the pink are both adorable. Very very cute.


i am color blind and have trouble reading this shirt. JK, love it


I love this... and I agree the navy blue or black would be awesome for this design.

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Cute idea, but the placement is out of wack. Maybe the huge awkward circle should be moved higher up on the chest, and the big, clipartish sheep can go to an upper corner? Again, cute idea :)


The idea is really good, and I'd buy it if it was real, but can threadless make glow-in-the-dark Ts?


So cute design :) thx for stopping by mine ;)


Goodness gracious that is cute!


w/ or w/o the glow would still be awesome $5


very cute! think it'd look better on dark colors

$5! :D


here's your constructive criticism... the S and L are WAY too close... the get muddled. the EEs could use some more white in them when on a solid color (which it looks better on a solid color) and the E and P could use a little more space between them... if you want to make if more legible =] I agree about them not being neon green, and I'd prefer if it weren't so much a circle but more jagged around the edges.. I love this idea and the design is almost there! I look forward to seeing a revised version


Very cool idea, I think it works much better on the darker color.


totally awesome, but i wouldn't buy it on pink.


SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES USING SHEEP! I love it. :) I'd buy it for my friend..


what is the relation between sleep and colour blindness?


ceelun, i have many friends asking me or commenting on it looking like some shirt to test for colour blindness so i think i'll just clear this. i had no thought of colour blindness when i designed this and i think someone who is colour blind would still be able to see the SLEEP word.

for those who think the sheep shouldn't be in neon green, it can be of a different colour or even white. just that at night, i thought it will be pretty cool that the SLEEP word surfaces. sort of like a sublimal message like what muffin said.

hope this clears most doubts! :)


if the "sleep sheep" were black, then it would be not only a creative, playful design but a witty sarcastic pun for us insomniacs. in any case, cuter than japanese cartoons.


i love it, especially on navy. 5$


I will definitely buy it! $5


I love sheep! The glow-in-the-dark shld look white under light, so that when it does it magic in the dark, it'll be such a nice surprise. Like it on the dark shirt, but maybe a little smaller so that it doesnt seem to wrap around the body so much.


I like it! But, I think that you only need the big circle of sheep and not the other sheep on top. Make the sheep in the circle a little bigger and move the design up a bit. Otherwise, great idea!!


I think it is an awesome idea, but on a darker color. Very cool. Love the sheep.


Looks like the little sheep are passing gas.


cute! Would love to see it on black.

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