Save the whales...

  • by willypiva
  • posted Dec 18, 2006

My best scoring slogan turned into a full design...


Watch this

ha ha --- I like it

deep space monkey
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I'm tired of these activist's save "so and so" shirts. If I wanted any of that BS I'd buy shirts at island stands in the mall. If the whales were so bloody special they would have developed thumbs and invented the harpoon. Just kidding on that last part, but seriously...


It's fun but evil! LOL whales deserve to live as much as you and me ;)

timrb profile pic Alumni

that's a wonderful drawing, but I dunno about the slogan.


Yea, the slogan is kinda weak.


bring back campaign t-shirts!


I love how you colored the wale... very nice. Good job.

funkie fresh
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that whale is SO awesome


the thing that makes it is the guy belly-up in the corner, mebbe make it more obvious that he's been shot/harpooned and youve got a kick ass shirt


i will comment on every whale submission... $5


this is genius. you're a genius. $5



My name is Stephen Knight and I am a representative from MMM Cake Apparel looking for new artists for our t-shirt lines.

We specialize in making custom t-shirts, watches, wall clocks, belt buckles, dog tags, etc. We are very interested in your art work and would be interested in using some of your designs on our shirts.

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For an example of how much cash you can earn doing this look at this example case study:

Submit 6 t-shirt designs that are approved by our screeners that are listed every day. We have an average of 1:3 sales of all our products, so of those 6 designs 2 should sell on any given day, that's $60 a month.

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And of course, the more designs you submit the more $$ you can make!

Royalties are for life, as long as you allow us to print your item we will continue to send you checks, even if you stop designing! And best of all, all t-shirts include the artists name directly under the Mmm Cake Apparel logo on the back!

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Thanks for your time and we're looking forward to hearing from you!!

- Stephen Knight


whale =5. activist & slogan = less so ...




very witty


omg! this SO reminds me of my friend kate yoon. i wanna get this for her!

Monkey II
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whoa -- cool


I wonder if the whales do ever get annoyed at the activists? I know that I do - so damn preachy!


eh... i really really love that whale... i really hate the slogan.


great on all points

Kurt Yeah

to say you want to save whales but kill activists is dumb because wanting to save whales is an activist thing so the wearer would have kill his/herself. just leave the whale without the text and you're in business.

mezo profile pic Alumni

HAR! Good one. Don't listen to the naysays who don't get your slogan. It's good. I think you could extend the half-tone from the dude floating down in the "water" a bit more, but that's me nit-picking. Nice illustration & decent font choice/text layout.


kurt yeah - think irony.



dis bee kewl. hah.


Just saying "Save the whales" doesn't make you an activist. If I say, "I don't agree with the war in Iraq," does that make me an anti-war activist?

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woah woah woah ... relax everyone ... just do like me ... vote $5 like you know you should. then buy two when it comes out.


that's the attitude se5k!
thanx for the support everyone!


Well done on an excellent shirt. I love it, I would buy it definetely.

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