The one and the only...

Ooooh, loves it. So random.

Watch this
dacat profile pic Alumni

Wow, very cool

Phil 404

random indeed, 5 ... but please not on orange!


the guy doesn't look like he's standing on the piece of ground. fix it for a $5!!!


This is your best submittal. It apears that the gentleman is floating, which I like, you might just want to move him away from the ground a bit.


i love the orange! very deep and unusual


i like this a lot. a little bit alice in wonderland, with the extra bonus, that the gent in the hat looks like william burroughs. though i agree about the feet... make him float or stand with feet planted, a hex on this ambivalence..


I love surreal shirts like this. Would look very nice on the green, white or blue (please no orange)


It's a little Tim Burton and totally amazing. It's in my top three for this contest for sure. $5, but I hate the orange.


Definitely needs some refining, but you are a good illustrator.


I like this but I don't like the background colour regardless, it's 5 dollars.

the communist hippie

white or gray. awesome idea, but maybe remove the bird at the top and just let the umbrella fade to nothing? i like it. 5.

color me blank

i realllly like this, but the arrangement/placement seems awkward.


perfect as it is, $5


i wouldn't wear this because the design is too big for me and i'm not into the face on the roots. but i also wouldn't want you to change the size of the design because it's really hot! great job!


I like the man and the flower - the rest can go! Maybe give him a bunny.


this is awesome. one of the best ive seen


Love it, but not on orange :/ A five with foot fixed.


looks like the guy from the eisley video


so the background can have gradient???

dr. loopy94

ewww...not on the orange
but good design


lots going on here...the orange makes it very halloweenish


Not a big fan of the "face" in the floating ground. It just seems out of place. But I love it overall.


Beautiful. I like the blue.


I gotta say I don't understand this shirt much which makes me a little hesitant to say I'd wear it... but it's a really good design, I especially like the figure, although the face he's standing on is a little creepy. $5


I just wish both his feet were on the ground... I'd still wear it though


yeah SCREW PEOPLE who have a problem with this shirt: it's fricken sweet, mine friend

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thanks for liking it guys!

Foxy McGee

This one actually looks great on cream. That's for all your cream haters out there!

Nice work, KDLIG.


I'd buy this in a hearbeat. Love it.

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