Squid Eats Dog Eats Cat Eats Chicken

Those are nice drawings, but it doesn't look like anybody's eating anything. They're all just kinda standing around right now. Maybe you should have them actually eating each other or something.

Watch this

Yeah... the eating concept is not conveyed by the design. I really like the chick, though.


myea there's no real order suggested here... get that down and you should be fine...


i would like to see just the squid, maybe holding some lipstick for those lovely lips.


Balance is weird on this shirt, its just not very please to the eye right when I looked at it. Sick illustrations though, I like the puppy.


yeah, a little tweaking and this could be a best seller! could definitely see it on a shirt with just a few small changes - absolutely awesome illustrations!


i am lovin' it -- look at how frightened everyone is of the squid. personally, i love calamari, so i wouldn't mind fryin' up that sucka.


I agree with nigeldogg. The high-level-of-caution expressions and body language of the puppy and kitten are cute and funny. That chick looks pretty hefty so I think it could take the rest of them if given a year to grow.


I think a shirt with just the squid would be cool or the animals in order to amke it seem more like they are eating eachother. actually drawing them eating might be too graphic for some. the expressions on the drawings are great though. even each one on its own would be a good shirt i think.


they should be in order like from the top of the shirt to the bottom, that would convey the food chain idea....


put ms. squid alone on a shirt and I'd buy!


make em really eat each other or squid alone. most excellent graphics!

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