Food "In Vitro"

  • by biofisikx
  • posted Dec 18, 2006

I don't ... understand?

but not on black.

Watch this

I like it! The top of the liquid doesn't match the angle of the top of the tube, though, which gives it an odd perspective that I don't like. Also, I don't think a little color (maybe just the label?) would hurt.

The Ending

yet another fantasticly useless comment Azrim! WHY does the design make you yawn? What could make it better? OR dont comment at all. I hope everything you do or try to do in life is judged and remarked on as childishly and uselessly. As for this design i think that it needs to be made a little more self explanitiry as to what you are saying. And also the top of the liquid doent match the top of the test tube like Cekoz said.


Al Veryard

Simple is cool, but this needs a little more mate, How about some more flavours and some colour coding, that would be good.


I think Al is right. There should be a few different flavors shown too, like chicken, pie, potato, etc.


i like the idea, but i agree with al and oogy

los lobos

too simple, maybe at least two colors. and the true message is very unclear.

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