Trojan Drive-Thru

  • by ThomJohn
  • posted Dec 18, 2006

Hilarious. But not without the title on the shirt somewhere. Add text and its def. a $5.

Watch this

i agree with thom but when i first saw it i thought it was a shirt where the concept was "beating" the competition. where as grimmace ate his opponents. kinda confusing basically is what im saying.


Here's the scoop... the design was originally created for the "Fast Food Nation Loves Threadless" competition, but was rejected due to the use of recognizable imagery. So I submitted to the plain ol' contest.

Makes a little less sense outside of that competition, but I like that you can either infer that a) Grimace ate the others or b) the others are pretending to be Grimace. However you choose to see it works for me.


i got it... funny! very creative!


i thought of the "purple people eater" thing when i saw this


OH MAN. This is the most awesome shirt I've seen this scoring round, hands-down.


Did anyone else think of Barney? I don't know who Grimace is.


I still love it though :)

unusual name

yeah, my first thought was, "whoa, barney."


My gut reaction was that it was Barney. :P Maybe try another character? A giant Wendy perhaps? jk


Wow! I thought of Grimace right away... I didn't know there were people who didn't know him!!! They probably don't know who Birdy or The Hamburgler are either? Barney didn't exist when I was a kid -- that might have something to do with it. This shirt is interesting.


very cool and here i still have my grimace plates from mcdonald's when i was a kid, i knew what it was as soon as i saw it...

only it took me a second to see the taco bell dog...

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It's an interesting concept and all, but didn't "The Fast Supper" tee already corner the threadless market on corporate fast food logo-inspired antics?


this is way too cool! $5


Man oh man... I can't believe people think of Barney before Grimace! Grimace is the most happenin' giant eggplant EVER!


grimace is not even close to dinosaur shaped, get with the program people!


i just like is cause none of my friends kno who grimace is... but i love grimace...


i get that its grimace.
at first i really didnt get it.
and i was thinking:

bk and kfc were gay lovers sneaking out for like mcdonalds in a barney car...

but i guess not.


haha grimace always makes me laugh $5!!!!!!! (^_^)/


Awesome design, but it's loads funnier with the title.


want this now. lol funny! jack and the king would have been a little better bt still want it!! 5$


i thought barney when i saw the color, but recognized grimace from the shape

omg! it would be awesome if you did it but as hamburgalar (spl?)


Haha that looks awesome! Though if you REALLY want it to say "Trojan," you could always make Grimace look mechanical or give him wheels instead of legs or something. As it is I wouldn't think of the Trojan Horse without the title, but it's still cool.


what about mayor mccheese? did we all forget about him? I like it - definitely knew it was grimace - at first I thought he ate them but then I saw the steering wheel... maybe people would get it without the text if you drew a "mcdonalds" restaurant in the background???


this is really funny! 5


I love the design. But I looked at it before seeing the title and thought that Grimace had eaten everyone!


Excellent!! Please another color.


nothing can stop the Grimace


Stritch... it's already a 5 color design, fyi.


i agree with that last comment would be great if had some text on it


Excellent xD


Thanks for voting everyone!

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