So long, and thanks for all the fish!

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Votes and comments are appreciated.

Watch this

sorta reminds me of the episode of the Simpsons where the dolphins want to push all humans into the ocean!


YAY! Hitchhiker's allusion! I love how the dolphins don't have legs so they have to use robots. I'd buy!


its bound to happen sooner or later. 5!


its bound to happen sooner or later 5!


this is soo cool! $5


I know I've seen this concept before, but I can't remember where... Anyway, this looks best on denim in my opinion.


OMG, hilarious! I think the illustration as a whole doesn't meld very well together, the background looks funky with the nicely draw dolphins and robot legs.


Ha. Great concept

Vaden III

i like to hitchhikers reference, but it reminds me way too much if the twice-printed This is How the World Ends


The loose style of the background clashes with the detailed style of the dolpins. The sky especially needs some work.

Any Minute Now

Thanks for the comments everyone! Definitely some interesting points to consider.

Keep 'em coming!


I think I like it on the Denim the best.


this is AWESOME $5



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Think it looks great $5. I'd buy it.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I like the concept, nut with the size of the picture, it would probably be better on the bottom right or left of the tee. Did you know that scientists have estimated that if we coninute our consumption of seafood at its current rate, by 2048 all major forms of marine life will have vanished! Now we know why the dolphins had to come ashore.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

the dolphins are cool but you ought to put them in a picture where they can fully show off their destructive powers, rather than having a generic looking city in the background.


I love this design


I'd consider another tail position for one of the dolphins. Right now it just looks like they're mirror images of eachother minus the change in mouth. A little variety might be cool.


Lolx! every hitchhiker needs this!


I love how happy the dolphins are...this is awesome!


haha i lovee this, omg. id buy it


The allusion is great but the execution might be better.

Kurt Yeah

i wish you had taken as much care to render the background as you did the foreground.


I would add "diving suits" for the dolphins (filled with sea-water, of course), with a whole at the top for breathing. Just to make it a bit more interseting.


I like the design


hahahahahaha!!!!! AMAZING!


does anyone remember the online comic "mall monkies"? many many-a dolphine jokes.... this reminds me of that.... but i like it... and thats all that matters.... i think...


Love the Hitchiker's reference. That better be from a 'I've Read the Book' standpoint than an 'I've Seen the Movie' standpoint.

And it is highly reminiscent of the Simpson's episode.

Any Minute Now

Thanks again for all the comments! Keep 'em coming....!


thanks dellax! IT WAS DRIVING ME NUTS! i knew this reminded me of somethign!! lol


oh, dark gray btw


I never liked dolphins $5

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