Passive-Aggressive Man

  • by K-man33
  • posted Dec 18, 2006

Wear this shirt and adopt the attitude of Passive-Aggressive Man and you can get people to do whatever you want and make them think it was their idea! Well I mean if you think you can do it. Can you do it?

Watch this

love the guy.... not sure how he depicts passive agressive... still a $5


I thought it was Captain America

black tie affair

yeah I dont see how he is passive-aggressive, I like it but the point dosen't come across.


What happened to his eyes? Is he sleeping?


I like the design and the explanation, but the two need to come together... Maybe add some text in a cool, comic-bookish font?


it needs to say somewhere on the shirt that's he's "Passive Aggressive Man" or people may mistake it for some other hero.


maybe a comic book style speech bubble from him saying, "you know what i think. it's up to you to make the right decision." or something equally passive aggressive.


I dig the shirt. thought bubble is a cool idea, but it has to be exactly the right thing. otherwise I think this is a great design


oh? i thought that was the woman's job..


This one needs some text, definately. Passive Agressive Man is my hero.

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He needs to be saying something p-a like "Sure I'll help and save you...if you really feel like being yet ANOTHER victim..." (or "sure i'll help and save you, unless you wanna try to take control of your own life for once") or along those lines. I'd also have him with either an indifferent or shrugging-type expression on his face or have his eyes towards the top of his lids, like he's sighing and annoyed he has to get off his lazy ass and go help others. I know that makes him kinda cynical, but most p-a people are that as well. Nice concept tho, just doesn't shine through.


I am going to have to agree with FrickinAwesome - he needs a speech bubble in there - you can do it in the old superman 1940's style that would be cool - your illo is great - but needs a bit of tuning up on the idea!


with the words "Passive-Aggressive Man" this shirt would be perfect. perfecto!


It's a nice illustration, but - as all the others say - the idea of this guy being "passive-aggressive man" doesn't really come across.


It's just a goof name so please don't take it too seriously. If it helps - he's got his eyes closed and is "mentally (starburst on his head...)bending your will." It's really just a fun design/illustration. Thanks for your comments!


I like the drawing just how it is but yes, perhaps some caption stating who he is would help others might think the deigner screwed up some other superhero which we all know is not the truth!
Lets give your awesome creation some credibility!

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