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Yes, it's a poop joke...

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Recycledwax profile pic Alumni

Don't think I'll wear it... but quite funny!!!! :D

Wonko _The_Sane

Umm.... no thank you. You should really think about what people want to wear, not making stupid jokes.


Ahhhh, nicely designed. But gross.


It's funny, and well designed... but I would never wear it...


it that corn - did you recently eat corn?

gadget arms

I just had corn for lunch... eww.


I like that almost all the shirts on here are a stupid joke or a pun, but this one is pointed out as being gross. Do you never shit? It's a normal human function and when accompanied by sound is quite hilarious. And corn makes it even more rousing to my funny bones (I have more than one). Funny how corn never looks chewed when you spot it the second time around.


umm. yeah i dont think i'd ever wear that. in a million years.


I would wear it around the house when doing my honey do work....


this should be like a plumbers work outfit


Ok, so a sheep wearing a chastity belt is good... but a running piece of poo is bad? I may never understand the target audience here. *Oh, and Beanboy, thanks for the defense, but I think you could have stopped before that last sentence... Thanks for the comments and votes guys.


The target audience here, seems to just love little robot characters with hearts and love etc.. How is this any more "cheezy" or tacky" then most of the shirts out there.


Cute... sorta... in a gross way... but I'd never ever wear it.

rowan brierbrook

I'd like it better without the poo. Just the idea of wearing poo on my shirt turns me off, but I love the plunger.

kate is a 4 letter word

this would be a good pin or patch or sticker but i avoid having poop on my shirt. really funny though!


I would TOTALLY wear this shirt with pride! Don't listen to Wonko_the_sane! He must have something up his butt.....Maybe a plunger would help?


yeah think about what people want to wear, not jokes.


I think it's funny, & the design is well done, but I just can't really seeing many people wearing it. I might wear it, but only in select situations. Sorry. :(


Wonko: I would appreciate it, if you would not leave a comment at all if you're going to be that insulting. Besides, you're going to snub toilet humor while having an Andy Kaufman icon? There's something wrong in that itself...


omg! it's hilarious. lol.


dr. loopy94

umm...i dont think i want to display a turd with chunks of corn and other watsits to the world on my chest...sorry, ill have to pass

.onion profile pic Alumni

Your style is cute :)


I don't think I'd wear poop, but the plunger is awesome.

humbleego profile pic Alumni

Fantastic. I'm a sucker for poop jokes. I'd totally rock this. Kudos on the "corn".


ew. but i like it


what is up with you guys!! i agree with BeanBoy 100%. do you guys shit pink starbursts? don't act like you don't see a piece of shit every day of your life. and don't act like you don't own a plunger.

5$ all the way. i would wear this everywhere - to class, to work (yes, to work), out, whatever. who cares! it's hilarious! i'm just sad that it may not be printed because of you guys' negative vibes :( well, here's hopin'.


lol @ response to Wonka... he wasn't insulting... he had an opinion... um... we're allowed to have opinions.

Fire Swatch

So gross.. but funny too! Unfortunetly I would never wear it. I can't think of anyone I know who'd wear it either.


funny and gross but like most of the others... i wouldn't wear it. sorrie


hahaha i wouldnt wear it but its well funny.


ewwww.. but it is funny


Why is the plunger chasing the turd?
I don't get it.
Maybe you should have the plunger lying satisfied next to the toilet and have the toilet smoking a cig, big ol grin on it's face.
That would make more sense.
To me . . anyway.


this cracked me up. Reminds me of unchi. I never would have thought people would be so uptight about some poo here. (okay, granted, I wouldn't wear it, but that's just cuz I feel like I'm getting old.)


haha!! THATS DISGUSTING!! yet, I know so many people who would wear it..and love it..

this made me smile..and flinch..


cute illusteations, gross characters. haha but i do think people here like emo shirts, or something like that.


someone will love this and wear it, but not me! :-) 5


i like how people are commenting on how "everybody poos" as a defense for the tshirt. although that may be... i know i'm not gonna go around displaying the results of my bodily functions on a tee shirt! yeah, definetly wouldnt wear anything related to FECAL MATTER on my clothing. whatever if thats your thing... i guess... but there are reasons public defication (sp?) is looked down upon... and this tee shirt (despite its cartoon style) is pretty much that.


funny until you actually think about it. then its just slightly odd. And i'm not keen on the blue...

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