The Turtle

the smart Turtle.

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Like the design, but it's a tortiose. The Hare and the Tortoise. Turtles swim in the sea. Americans seem to muddle this up, and hence have to call turtles 'sea turtles', which confuses me. Anyway, I digress. Fab drawing.


There are land turtles, sea turtles, pond turtles, and tortoises. All different.

This story is indeed the Tortoise and the Hare, but I like the design anyway. 4$


Lol... is the hare blindfolded? In which case how does he see the carrot? Maybe lose the blindfold/shades... Possibly new placement and colours too?


i guess the hare is going after the smell of the carrot.. but i'd like it better if he wasn't blindfolded. and if they are sunglasses, they should look different, maybe more like aviators or something.


yeah, i think that you could the hare some cool eyes instead of the goggles


sunglasses... hello people!!! the hare is cool... therefore he has to wear sunglasses!!! hahahahaha ya... illustration is okay i wouldn't wear it


this is funny.


"The word tortoise refers to a particular type of turtle that is well adapted to life on land... So, tortoises form a subgroup that can be distinguished from other groups of turtle but they are 'turtles' nonetheless."

Anyway, I really want a tortoise & hare shirt. This is not quite my favorite, but it's pretty good.


i personally love it...

Dark Turtle

Yeah that's rad! I'd get it! $5!!!1111


lose or re-do the shades, and i think you have a winner.


I love it.
I really like the sun glasses on the rabbit.
I do think that it should be placed on the bottom as opposed to centered.


this is pretty good. i like the concept and excecution. i'd like this in your other artsy style though.

raindrops to sunshine

i lovee = ] but what's with the shades? you should give this guy some really cool glasses.

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