Beautiful Parasite

First submission to Threadless.

Constructive criticism is appreciated, if colors could be better, if placement is bad, or is something us just simply missing, please tell me =)

Watch this

Nice Placement. Uh, another color would be nice. Maybe blue. The bottom of skull looks kinda funky,too. Just my opinion. Very nice design.


nice design. yellow is a difficult color to wear unless you have akiller tan or a dark complection. perhaps aqua or peach or maybe even grey. has a nice 60's, retro feel. nice first submission. I like the placement. keep up the good work!


i also agree with milkmaid5! I think maybe the eye sockets should not be circles. other than that, great first submission!


I totally didn't mean to put it on yellow, is there someway I can change the thing? Because I didn't realize that was the final actual final!

I thought it was just the "Hey we'll approve it" thing.

But I'm glad you like the design, I wanted to put it on Light Blue, Gold, or khaki =)


I like the different lineworks used in this design, but the yellow background doesn't flatter the design. i'd play around with some different background colors.


I think it's freaking awesome! I would wear it even on yellow. Also, I like that the eye sockets are round and different sizes, it makes it different and more interesing.


Khaki is worse than yellow. I can't wear it if you put it on khaki. :( Blondes have a bad time with wearing their hair color. :P


i love this. but of course, not on yella.


Only because you asked... It's not enough to make something that "looks pretty." I see a skull and some flowers. It's neither cheerful nor dark. Good designs will have a plot. It will make you smile or make you think or captivate you visually. This design doesn't do any of those things.


I think a little more work on the line quality. The skull just jumps off th shirt.

Doc Monster

I dig the jinky lines that make up the stem; they give the flower a warped feel in spite of being a pretty thing. I also like the hammered teeth on the skull and the general shape of it; it balances out the kinks in the stem. It's a great first submission! Keep 'em comin'!

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