Whiter Than White

  • by aled
  • posted Dec 15, 2006

first! cool one

Watch this

not sure i understand it...


Really funny. Looks best on pink.


This wouldn't be a reference to the 'jesus toast' would it?
Hehe, it rocks anyway :)


Hehehe, thats very creative!


It's the Shroud of Turin, right?

Because that's cooler than toast, for me.


It's a shroud with his blood/sweat on it. It couldn't be washed off. AMAZING.


finally a good sub...$5


Tough to discern whether or not Jesus is proudly gesturing toward it or annoyed that it wouldn't wash off...it'd be funnier and make more sense if it was the latter, though.


It's the Shroud of Turin, the blanket Jesus was apparently wrapped up in after he was tortured on the cross.
There is a lot of controversity over it, just a dig, Jesus tries to wash his blanket but the stains just won't come off.


I love it! But some ultra-christians may take offense...still a $5 for me though!


very clever

barakhardley profile pic Alumni

As a pastor... funny.


Very clever - agreed. I don't like the baby pink & blue colors, tho. And, woudn't Jesus be annoyed that all his hard laundry work was for naught? I'd like to see him with a "damn" gesture rather than a "go forth and blah blah" gesture. Also, the cherubs could be a bit more round - they have some hard edges to them. I LOVE the concept.

.onion profile pic Alumni

Shroud of Turin- supposedly the sheet Jesus was wrapped in when they put him in the tomb. I for one believe that it doesn't exist, but that's not the point. The point is that I think I agree with loudhearted- the meaning is very unclear in this. Also... I very rarely find humor in something that pokes fun at religion, even if it's a light joke. :P But I like your style! it's very clean and stylized just enough to make your designs look nice.

aled profile pic Alumni

Hi guys. Thanks for your comments. Just to clarify, I'm not poking fun at Christianity. Naturally, there is debate over the authenticity of the Turin Shroud and it is widely understood to be an early photographic experiment using chemicals and light from the time of Leonardo Da Vinci. Possibly by the man himself - and its a sideways look at the importance that we place on physical evidence of a God. Besides, I believe in God, and I think he has a sense of humour!

ozrict two

gettin all them religous bristles a-bristtlin with this one...but i think the question is more "do we have laundry machines in heaven?"...and that just brings up more questions!

ozrict two

nix the turin and leave the sheet white...it is hilarious without the "controversy"


Ditch the ultra soft pastels and go for something a little more solid. Slate grey? Dunno, what, actually. I jsut know I prolly wouldn't wear something so softly coloured. But then again, 5$! :P


HILARIOUS! print this!


like the Shroud of Turin reference...pretty, awesome


i dont really get it!


I loves it!!
('specially since I go to a freaking catholic school!)


Clever girl..! It's good, Kev the Rev would endorse it, and so do I


fun... why not poking Christ's sake... is there a patent on it ... JmC


This made me giggle. Why is it sacriligeous? I think Jesus would think it's cute. If he didn't, he's not a fellow I want to meet.


I don't know how I feel about the subject....but I won't assume anything, your style is great though!.....p.s guys, if Jesus did indeed exist...he was tortured on the cross for you....I'm not trying to convert anyone here, just giving you something to think about next time you poke fun......either way nice design


fatheed....I read your comment and you rule


I love your design fatheed, but I don't like pastel pink or blue ts. Would you consider a darker coloured t?


Me gusta la idea! Felicidades man!

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