Still not tall enough...

  • by amenonine
  • posted Dec 14, 2006

i like this

Watch this

My first design :) So any comments and criticism welcome!

I know there seem to be a lot of giraffes around at the moment, but no-one elses can balance on an elephant!


yay, extra points for see-through photo... no seriously, nice and simple


so cute. i'd buy one for the kid that i don't have yet and put it into a ziploc bag until he/she's big enough to wear it.


Soooo cute. I love this.


kids tee all the way


Aww, i love it!! I would wear that!! Haha. Nice.


i love this it's amazing. $5


Looks great on the kid! Cool!


I'd totally buy this for my neice! She's five and she'd dig it!


perhaps if they were actually reaching for something?
cute idea


Aw thanks everyone, glad you like it!
Funkfairy - oooh I could have put leaves on the top left shoulder or something couldn't I? Except I'm all out of colours! Originally there were going to be more animals, but same problem.


If you don't win with this design, pleae re-submit with more animals and leaves! 4 now:5


I'd totally buy it.
And I agree with "Wrecka"


Design looks amazing, my favourite part being the elephant's facial expression. I just wish the giraffe had less serious expression. 4


Cute ^.^


Make it BIGGER! I love it!! 5$


Really nice. I like the size. Nice that the idea isn't explained with text saying "get taller" or something obvious.


The giraffes taila appears to be kinda akward..
maybe the color.. but i undertand you ran out of colors :]
Still a $5, i love it


You could at least make it look as though one is standing on the other. Anyone can get 2 animals (that they havent drawn) and stick them together.
That sounded more blunt than it was meant to

hobbs in pain

It works for me. The two animals don't have to be literally piggy backing! Its cool, and anything kids can wear along with adults is a bonus. I am seeing a series, pidgeon on duck, goat on buffalo. this will run, really.


You could make them reacing for a pumpkin! I have no idea why a pumpkin would be in the air... nor why they would be reaching for it... but it works with the colors of the giraffe! Anyway, cute design.


i would like to see the giraffe standing on its hind that possible?


would be cute if they were trying to reach something in the air.


i agree with trese63 , but i still gotta give it a $5 =D

.onion profile pic Alumni

They need to be reaching for something! :D like an apple. haha.


Thanks again for all your comments!
crackersinmyshoe - You know I don't think giraffes can stand on their hind legs. Their front legs are longer than their back legs, so I dont think it would work. I may be wrong though... if anyone finds a photo of a giraffe on its hind legs let me know!
My original thought was just that the giraffe wanted to be taller, just because, rather than that he was trying to reach something. Having only 5 colours would limit what he could be trying to reach to something orange or grey really! But I spose it could be done, in which case he could have his tongue out and head up more. I'll see what score this gets and see if I can be bothered to change it.


This would be cool if there was like a tree with no leaves except for like one and it's just out of reach. Or maybe some fruit. But giraffes don't eat fruit..


this is super cute.


Perfect placement at the bottom, too. Bien fait!


similar to reach for the stars...


i agree i think with some leaves on the right shoulder it would be a winnnnnner..... for sure...$5


Oh man i want this shirt so bad. its so great. cute and love the placement.


i would buy this for my daughter! very cute! good job... 5


by the way you could make the leaves the same grey or orange as the giraffe... i think that would still work.


Fabulous kids tee. Well done.


very cute - good for kids and adults

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