Ex Condiments

This is my very first submission. Let 'er rip!

Watch this

Nice illustration skills. The text might be holding this back.


i disagree w/ lespiagge-- i think the text makes the point. i doubt most people would understand the joke without it. change the font, maybe, but keep the text.
also-if the catsup bottle was holding a weapon of some kind, I think the text bubble would be more appropriate.

p.s-why do so many people hate text on this site??
maybe they understand the joke, but i think that society as a whole may be too dumb to understand it. so rather than explain it all the time, i'd rather have some text to do the talking for me. but that's just me...


It's funnier with the text, and i agree with ^ , the person holding the weapon should be talking.

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i find the absurdity of the image without the "ex condiments" pretty hilarious. Keep the "i aint afraid to go back to prison" but work it in better. cool though, worth a reworking


Keep the text. I like it!


Great drawing! I don't know how funny it is though.


nice illustration. The floor line isn't necessary. Choose a different beefy font or get rid of the punchline.


great drawing, different text


keep the title text. I do thing the ketsup my be better off saying " I aint afraid to go back." the title lest the reader know what he means and the "to prison" part is just redundant.


Great talent! Keep going give me something that is not a pun and I will probablly love you

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great characters

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great characters, but the bottom line and the text is uneccessary. I think tightening up the group and making them look more criminal while losing the speech bubble would really make this much better


the text might be okay, but the font doesn't really match the illustration in my opinion.

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I like the idea of using human body parts as weapons.

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