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guns n rose

  • by halo8
  • posted Dec 14, 2006

uh....? is that supposed to be Axl, that doesn't even look like him.

Watch this


J v ok


Whoa... Bad Spelling, horrible drawing and worse taste in music (oh god! the scene kids are in my head!) And this is what you expect to win on Threadless...? Fail

impossiblejosh profile pic Alumni

i like the idea of drawing kinda shitty and simplistic on purpose, but your style doesnt stand out from anything that i've seen in books and magazines.

i really like the idea your getting at, but i can use some work

3- and keep it up don't listeing to these guys ^^


Come on!!
What is this??!!!!
Is this for real???


words can't express how SHIT I think this is.


This is horrible. I hope this is a joke.

Vaden III

do people honestly think some subs will win? or do they just submit for a fuzzy feeling inside?

impossiblejosh profile pic Alumni

why does everybody have to be so rude to this guy?
why dont you guys say this to the cutesy bullshit that fills this site.

you know, you fucks really piss me off sometimes

impossiblejosh profile pic Alumni

lioke you incuchic wheres you FUCKING SUBS? also morganian, your one sub with the burger explosion is DISGUSTING

if you dont have anything constructive to say about why this is bad just dont fucking say it.

this guy is onto a good idea, he's only had 4 subs.





THIS SUCKS! This is just too simplistic. I've seen great designs that could take someone twelve minutes, but those had a clever concept to back it up. This is just a nonsensical sketch of a dude...with a cigarette....and a shortened version of the band gu.. I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT I'M LOOKING AT!!! AAAHHHRGHHH!


Guns and Rose. Please, be let this be something I just don't get and you just didn't misspell the band name.


one color, and other than red, and I'd love this.


^ the text that is..


this is so stupid that it is actually pretty cool!


I agree with impossiblejosh, the majority of people have nothing but negative comments to make. Whats the point? if you've just said something along the lines of "thats shit", well done you've just wasted a small bit of your pointless, bullshit mouth, existence. Romanetti I love your style and your linework is fantastic, I got alot of abuse about using simple designs, but i'm just listening to people who have experience on here and something constructive to say and disregarding the rest, most of which, if you look at their designs are really shit anyway. goose xxx


The point is i don't get what's this design about .. I'm not saying it's shit. I like your “sloppy“ drawing style, but i still don't get the goal of this design

nevermind the negative bullshit ;)


The point is i don't get what's this design about .. I'm not saying it's shit. I like your “sloppy“ drawing style, but i still don't get the goal of this design. Nevermind the negative bullshit ;)


its guns and roses if you're going to do something about it atleast clean up the style a little. do some research and know how to spell the damn guy's name at least.


LMFAOOOOOOO what the deuce?! i LOVE guns n' roses, this is just.... :/ sorries.

Mike The Vague

Shouldn't there be like a negative option for stuff like this?

Buclkes and or Straps

tehscenester...guns n roses is more than a just one guy do some research


I don't hate it. I don't like it very much, but I don't hate it. The simplicity is the one thing I do like about it. I'd be interested to hear what it actually is supposed to mean, if anything.

Do tell...


There's a difference between being negative for the sake of being negative and being negative for the sake of being constructive, thats the point I was making. Be negative all you wish, I personally, just don't see the point in wasting your time being agressive.

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