I have a crush in a boy in my math class.

cant see anything.....

Watch this
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i thing the design needs to be more bolder...


i really like it, but yeah it needs to be bolder.


ncie design, Id buy it, yet im going to have to go with everyone else and say it needs to be bolder :)


Bolder, plz.


the lines are too weak, if they were thicker and blacker and more scribbly this would be great!


this reminds me of Mean Girls


I agree the lines are weak. It makes it look a bit "young" in design - that combined w/ the subject matter makes it a bit too "sketchbook" and not enough "designer."


lines could be bolder like everyone else has said...


did you change the main color of it? This morning the shirt looked blue and I could actually see the design but now it's barely visible.

Sound Ships

I have a crush in a boy in my math class? In a boy? Really? In him?


Just like the girl here, it needs to be BOLDER. But careful not to rock out, or you'll crush things. Like a crush IN the boy... Oh man, too many puns here, I'm overloading. There's so many they can't all escape at once! It's the dreaded "Three Stooges" syndrome!


Damn HTML tags...


more line quality please!
i know you can do it!
cute image tho


i'd get this for a girl in my math class. heh


I love the image, just make it bolder. I'd still buy it.


I love this, and I like the light design, but it IS hard to see...I think I'd give it a full 5 if it were just a bit darker and put on a more contrasty shirt. Well done, though.

Freddie Mokuyobi

Your first sin in the numerator is missing a theta


See, she's so in a crush that she's not paying attention to her maths. :P


give it some variety in line weight....thick and thin lines


I love this so much!! but, it's so hard to read!!!


the Cartesian Equation
(x^2 + y^2 - 1)^3 - x^2 y^3 = 0
does actually give a hard shape like that.

Really good concept and drawing, just not a great design.Needs to be bolder and maybe shaded


that dosn't say KOS does it? because it is COS


to be honest, i'm so surprised what threadless does and doesn't let through the adding process. it's like they randomly choose what makes it on here or not. i hesitated posting this here.. but i looked at your other ones and and this is your weakest by far.. better luck next time..


I like that it's a bit hard to see. Fits with her not being forthcoming about her feelings.


hehe very cute i'd totally wear it, just try and make it bolder so you see what's going on better


"that dosn't say KOS does it? because it is COS"
I think it says the absolute value of COS theta...

i'd like it with thicker lines too... the thickness of the lines around the "also looks good in" blobs would be good.. :)


its kind of hard to tell, and maybe im just looking for sexual innuendos, but does the boys math result in an answer of 69?


omg omg omg...

is the limit 69?

As in...no sex, becuase the limit is 69?




does that equation really equal a heart?


obviously in mean girls it states that the limit does not exist.



hard to see like the concept


I agree, it's cute but the design needs to be much bolder.


Can BARELY see that. Bring it back bolder and I'll give it a 4


Got to be a math geek to get this one. very cool


bolder.. and her hair is kindof sitting in a funny way.. apart from that. i like it


Its awesome
just i can barely see it!
maybe a bit more bolder
and then it would be HAWT!!!


Just as everyone else has said, cute idea but I can't see a thing.


I would like this without the people, just the graph and the equation.




SUPER CONCEPT! its really cute, i like it lots. I just think you need to make the lines a) bolder (i know its been said to death but well .. its true) and b) a little less like its been filtered from a stock photo in photoshop. if it was re drawn with more balls and less vagueness, it would be a $5 fo sure. I'm giving it a 4, just because I love it so much. grins and it reminds me a little bit of a boy in my maths class


It's cute! I really like the graph. I don't imagine that many guys buying it, though? It's mainly applicable to the female gender.


Also, theworldinyour_eyes, I don't see how the concept is sexist..? I'm a girl, and I sometimes wasn't able to concentrate on math, or on any other subject in school, for that matter, because of guys a few years back. I'm sure there are plenty of guys, too, who like girls in their class and aren't able to concentrate on their word. I just don't see how this is sexist in any way, at all. Both sexes do it. In this picture, it just so happens that it's a girl portrayed, that's all.

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