Tastes funny...

Once again, any and all criticism is appreciated!

Watch this

haha love the idea, but im not that keen on the drawing.


I like it, but if there is a clown in the pot, why are there 2 sets of clown shoes ? I think only the one in the pot and that guy holding one is good. That guy on the left should not also be wearing a pair of shoes. 5


It's a bird, it's a clown! No, it's Homestar Runner!


um. why are their two sets of shoes. yeah. ?


Yeah, why??

talking watermelon

Sorry 'bout the shoe confusion. I dropped 'em in there because there're two clown noses... I wanted to suggest a feast of clowns... perhaps a few more bones and a costume or two? I was thinking about a pile of bones as well, but it seemed a little too macabre.


i'd say pop in a skull lying on the ground or something. with like... a rainbow wig or something.


This has got to be one of the funniest tee's in quite a while. I hope it makes it.


good humor...the drawing makes it more funny and less morbid


I'v already made this idea in my shirts, you can look, and nobody liked it...


Has Potential, but some work is needed (as you suggested - The pile of bones and a few more "clown clues" would make it a 5$ in my eyes).

talking watermelon

grejotte - checked your design... the only thing the same was the punchline. Kinda like saying the Beatles were just like the Rolling Stones 'cause they both had guitars.


I think this is funny and original - do clowns taste sweet do you think?


LOL...Chuckles, Bozo, Sideshow Bob...who's next?


clowns scare the crap out of me.


I thought it was a Fast Food Nation submission and they were eating Ronald McDonald!


yeah, grejotte, this design is way different from yours. This one has substance and a reason for someone to have tasted a clown as opposed to just taking a bite out of their shoe...


Huh, I'm surprised no one mentioned the stereotyping. 1920's cliche, a "tribe" with piercings eating people ?


this reminds me of a wacked up version of a paul frank shirt. i like it nonetheless!


hahaha very good!!!!


cool design, but not my thing. i like the trees a lot though.


Maybe a little more work, two pairs of shoes is strange. Maybe have the text on the shirt so everyone can get the joke along with the wearer. :)


bigger and with text and its amazing


The design has a really good idea, but I don't like it that you basically have to know the name of the shirt/design to understand what's so funny about it.

Maybe you should alter the design a little, and put one of those dudes eating the Clown Soup say "tastes funny". I think that way people would actually understand the design better without the need to ask what's the deal with the shirt (if this was chosen to be one of those designs that get printed).


hahahaha, very funny

Dark Turtle

I think it should be more clown remnants.


W/R/T Azu-san and HollyG, definitely not. The image of clowns being eaten works anyway, and leave the owner with a pun they can make themselves.


Original :)

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