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  • by biofisikx
  • posted Dec 13, 2006

Is it really that people don't know it's bad for them to go eat at these places, or they just don't care about their health?

Sometimes I even feel people worship the fast food industry ...

Watch this

by far the most wearable shirt in the contest i've seen, $5

K.G. Sully

I got it when I read your blurb about it, but not when I just LOOKED at it. Points for the concept and color to accentuate your concept. A definite 4.


I like the concept, I just don't get it without the explination.


Its neat...I would like to see it more "fleshed out"


I got it without the explanation! The name is definately enough.
Awesome design.


Esta chida!!!!
Yo quiero una! :)


definitely the best concept i've seen for this contest


make the fast food place more detailed!

Fire Swatch

Great concept. I don't think it's something I'd personally wear though. Maybe its too plain for my taste... I'm not sure.


ever hear the phrase "get off the cross"?


There's a key factor of design that you need in order to draw buildings and other geometrical objects, and clearly you don't know how to use it (look at the center-most windows for proof). It's called "the vanishing point," and they teach it in the most basic drawing classes. Do some research and practice, and then try again. Here's a good place to start:


In addition, the cars are crooked and not parallel with the walls, and would be scraping against the building with how close they are to it. I'm sorry if I seem harsh, but I'm honestly just trying to help.

The Ending

what was said above is a fair point, but, way to be a dick about saying it! Your criticism is always uncecciserily blunt and harsh. Make your point but get off your god damn high horse and be a decient, civil human being. Too many ass holes in this world, we dont need another one.....anyway.....As for the design i think you need to make it slightly more obvious that it is a fast food place. I think the concept is great!

Toasty Crackers

I agree with those who say that it needs to be more detailed and fleshed out. Really great idea!! Very refreshing after so many repetitive and boring fast food nation entries.


Concept is brilliant. Execution is less than so. But I agree with those above...clean it up. It rocks. The crucifix could be a little clearer.


yeah, i love this.. im sick of all these fast food designs tho.. but you did yours sooo subtlely that i gave you a $5.. oh, and No Deal to flashed out! and dont make it obvious.. there are a thousand tees out there that about fast food and are way too obvious.. lame, i say, lame.

los lobos

more color and detail please. besides that great idea, i would like to see it again later with the needed improvemnets.
there are some problems with the drawing such as it looking a little bit too linear, and some aspects seem crooked.


the perspective seems a bit off in a number of places. The lead car seems off, the two boxes/windows/signs (whatever they're supposed to be) behind that car are off and the menu/speaker thing looks weird. If that's supposed to be a speaker at the bottom, it looks strange. If it's meant to be a giant push button, then mission accomplished. It just looks funny.

The concept is good. But the design is severely lacking. I give it a 3.


this is my favorite fast food sub yet, I don't think that you have to change anything - i get it


Hey, thank you all for your comments and suggestions. It is true the perspective is a bit off in some places (like the windows in the building) but these were "happy accidents" that I happened to like so I left them alone and didn't "fix" them. Actually, this design is based on a collage I did some time ago, where each element had some sort of independence from the whole because of their different perspectives. I tried to keep that here too. I wouldn't make it more obvious, although I agree there are some places were it could get some bits of improvement.


This shirt is fantastic. $5


I think the restaurant sign as cross doesn't quite work. Like the fact that the roof is the only nod to McDonald's, but I think you'd be better off re-working to either make the cross explicit, or to make it look more like a generic fast-food restaurant sign.


i like the idea, very much... but its a little too boring maybe??


I didnt get it before I read the explanation, it needs some kind of fast food logo like the giant arches.


Yes. I like it.

But I agree with smallapple.. and again t punkyb..

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