Pirate food

like the simplicity but the its hard to tell thoose are fries; but now sure what else you could use...

Watch this

could use color and or texture in the drawing to tell they are fries.


its ok. you could use straws


ithink this could have been done a little better, good concept though....


oh god, that picture of the hamburger in the background is disgusting.

Estranged Thespian

... Im sorry, but that backgrounds making me hungry. I know how disgusting that is, and I doubt I'd eat it if it was placed in front of me, but still...

Anyway, love the shirt, this holw Fast Food Nation thing is great, and it's easy to tell they're fries as long as they're next to the burger.


ahh I think this is a wonderful idea...not anything I would ever purchase..but still a wonderful idea..


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