Lapse of Conscience

  • by AndreaGS
  • posted Dec 12, 2006

Ever get a "great" idea, and later wonder why that voice of reason just didn't pop up?

Hey, everyone needs a break sometime.

This is my first submission, and much different from the things I normally paint. Comments welcome! Thanks!

Watch this

I really like it. Is that a girl devil, or are his buttons on the wrong side?


i've actually wondered about this before. great job btw!


I have been thinking of something similar... why is the devil on the wrong side?


you hurt my feeling.

Toasty Crackers

Great idea! I agree with everyone else that the devil needs to be on the left shoulder, where he's characteristically portrayed.

random rain

this is really cute,I agree about the devil on the left and would buy one of these for each of my kids(make kids sizes please!)


LOVE THIS! i agree with everyone else though about the sides. $5


Oh, haha, I understand. I didn't realize what it was for a bit. (I'm having a stupid day.)


very cute!
the word "sinister" comes from the latin word for "left." which is pretty awesome.


too bad the devil things is on the right side of shirt


the devil and the sign need to switch sides. also, i think the design should be just a little bit lower on the shirt.


If the design were lower on the shirt, it wouldn't make as much sense. The devil and angel are usually portrayed standing on one's shoulders, not boobs or pecs.


i love it!! placement is great,switch the devil and the sign and you'll be good to go! print please! please!!!! 5$


weird collar. fix it and you're golden.


Cute. I agree about the placement of the devil, otherwise, it's perfect. $5


I think it would be a hilarious back print, so it looks more like it's on the shoulders. But maybe not, the mischevious look on the devil's face is adorable.


i like the idea. maybe leave the sign where it is and have the devil in the back opposite shoulder?? :)


Nice! I actually didn't notice the detail about the devil needing to be on the left shoulder...either way works for me. But I think I'm outnumbered in that aspect. I do agree that there's something a little weird about his collar, however...maybe because he has no neck.


I would like a more life like devil with more detail and less cartoony. Like the devil from "Legend" that would be so fierce! The out too lunch sign would be need to be more detailed too if you did that


This shirt idea is awesome! I'm not convinced the devil needs hair.


i think i'd like this better if the design were on the back, actually. so the devil was on the back of the shoulder. but that's just me.


my only thing is i wish there was a way to make it higher [like right on the seam]. cuuuuuuuute though. [oh, or on the back like corporatemonkey suggested.]

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