Do the hula-hula

  • by veeruska
  • posted Dec 11, 2006

Well. After all the doomburger subs I thought I'd do something with a positive feel and hide all the negative stuff in the subtle undertones.

Watch this

Cute!! I like it on the bottom corner on the brown shirt.


couldn't agree more with loritta....

thought there is something about the eyes that bother me, but it isn't that big of a deal....

a 5 from me


Is that pointy thing on the chest a boob? Wow, she is hangin' low. I like the hula with sprinkles.


Love it! It's light and happy and I think the short t-shirt is just right (not a low hangin' boob!).


i wish i could hula... sigh


fix the low boob/corner of the shirt!! then it's a $5


I appreciate a "positive feel" but a chubby person inside the doughnut would be funny.


agree with stoked. and like it in both colors and in both placements and u REALLY need to change the boob


Yeah, aside from the granny breasts an awesome design!

the czar

Very clever
I don't think that's a boob, I think it is the corner of the shirt flipping up


add a touch of definition to the bottom of the shirt to eliminate boob/shirt confusion and its a five!


yeah the boob/shirt corner threw me at first


Nice sub, the only thing is that the shirt thing did throw me off for a second, but once you look at it, you can see that it is definitely a shirt. Also, as you said, thank you soooo much for submitting something without a burger on it - good job with some actual imagination and creativity.


really cute! the belly shirt should go though. kinda looks like a low hanging boobie.

andyg profile pic Alumni

Nice illustration!


I see, I see, her she's wearing a belly shirt... but yeah, it looks like she has droopy boobs. By biggest problem is her arms look weird (especially the background one) and she's kind'a disproportioned. Overall ok, but not my thing. Nice change of pace, though.


This is so cute.


Well yes, it's actually her t-shirt hem, flipping up in the movement, as 11-year-olds rarely have visible breasts, at least in my experience.. But thanks, I hadn't thought about that at all.
It really looks disproportioned, I think the measurements on my sub gif were wrong as it's a bit vertically squashed now. Heck.


Aaand I take the vertically squashed comment back, it looks okay now on a different non-laptop computer screen. Sorry!


3rd own comment straight, heh. Just to point out that the boob point has been made and got, and I'll change it so it'll look like a shirt, no question. Thanks again!

mikemills profile pic Alumni

Beautifully drawn. I think you could go bigger on the shirt, and I don't see boobs at all... 5


I work with 5th graders ,and at first glance it had a strange look but only for a moment. It really captures a child that age.


corner is good. :)


the shirt poking out definitley looks like a boob, and the hoop looks like a really thin doughnut with sprinkles.. decent design though, 3


the hoop is supposed to be a thin doughnut with sprinkles.


those are some saggy boobs..


it's very cute! I love the hoop. they are right about the shirt/boobs.


I really thought it was a boob too. But I love the donut hoop.


gosh....are boobs the only thing on your could be chubbier..4


i feel like its all the donuts will go to your butt & hips. haha i like it.


keep this in the lower corner on the brown shirt, perfect size. this is really cute!


Ok, ok, we have all daid just about everything that can be said about shirts that look like pre-mature, pointy, sagging boobs. I love it on the darker colour. The men's brown, with the design in the bottom corner definately has the greatest impact. It just makes the donut look tastier!!


sorry, I meant said. I should probably check my spelling before I criticize others.


Like the bottom placement muchly. :)


i know its her shirt, but it looks like she has saggy boobs at first i still think this is too cute, tho

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