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I normally don't like designs in this mold (omg, it's like an assembly line of fun puns!!!! sigh.), but for some reason the innocence of the jellyfish's loved-ravaged eyes mixed against the complete indifference of an inanimate object strikes me as really funny. The two styles of the characters increase what you are trying to say as well. Good job, jellybelly! I think dark or light purple works the best as well.


haha cute.


Yes nice design, but this color makes it hard to see the lines in the Jell-o thingy. I agree with FRICK. Good job.


The jelly mold doesn't work well in a light color. The dark purple clarifies that it is what you intend it to be.


yep, love the purple


LOVE the design.

I'd go with a brighter color. Like a bright blue shirt, purple design. The brighter purple works.


cute, good job!


dark purple. all the other colours i thought he was eating the jello.... ^__^ =coughcough= heheheh. maybe its just me. i love dark purple though :D


Green and lavendar look the best (dark) - you can see the detail way better. Very cute idea - original to me. Great for adults or kids.


i think i'd love it more if the design was called jellosexual...but nice, i like it.


whooooaaaaaa, nice.


i love the dark purple. nobody likes green jello anyway


i love the dark purple. maybe on a gunmetal colored shirt. i think that would be really pretty. but it's really cute $5


at first i didnt look closely and i just assumed that the flower was a spoon... now i kind of wish the jellyfish [i]was[/i] gonna eat the jelly


The purple is the best one! Very cute! $5


purple shows up the best :D lovely and adorable as all get the hell out


holy crap!! i LOVE it. oh man, i'd buy it :D

andre p

Haha I'm a sucker for these


haha so funny

Chunky T cute. Maybe a bouquet would make it a little clearer that he is trying to woo the Jell-O, but overall very sweet. I vote for the dark purple as well.

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