Sylence you!

  • by BEANBOY
  • posted Dec 08, 2006

I really like that image on the black shirt and the red one. cool.

Watch this

thats a really good design. i think the text compliments the picture, even if i dont quite get what its saying. i like it on the white shirt, with placement near the shoulder.


I like both the inverted and text designs. Is there a reference for the text?

Great job!


I definitely love the imagery plus the tendrils. It looks really good! The typeface is suitable but can't same the same about their position. Maybe can make them more flowing around the image?


I would buy this one on black. It looks good, $5

Sound Ships

I'm really confused as to what this means. I like the face though.


i like the green


love the placement on the shoulder.


Even though I don't get it, I like it. Though I think the text sort of muddles the image, though without it, it's just a girlface. Which I got no problems with, I'd vote high for both. 5$

Velvet Jones

It's about time something freakin' grabs my eye!! All are nice. The red & white are choice!
$5. Print now! Give this artfag something to wear.
Btw, it must be the 80's again: Text on t-shirts must need a profound meaning to sell, I guess.

Velvet Jones

"I don't get it.....waaaaahhhhh"

Queenie Maraschino

I really really like this...Especially on the green and the white t-shirts...


it's delicious!


I really like the fact that nobody gets the meaning but likes it all the way: probably it sounds good! The black one is the best, but on white and green you can read the text, so it's better...


The white and the black shirts look the best. I like the text for some unexplainable reason. =D

penniless lane

I like the placement on the white, but the green really punches out the design. I think I get the text... ironically could be a good conversation starter.


ha, I don't get it either, but I love it anyway. I could totally see it printed on a long sleeve! Noice.


No words. Otherwise YAY!


love the white


Love the design, I'd keep the white on black shirt.


I dont understand the text. I like the black, it would look really cool printed as white on a hot pink t.


it seems like no one gets this some obscure reference or a bad translation or something? i ike the illo, but honestly theres nothing i hate more than having to explain my shirt to everyone who sees me.


The picture looks amazing. : ) .. But seeings as I live in Hong Kong, the text reminds me of one of those Chinese products that have been poorly translated...

Lobie One

Love the design with the black $5


love it on black but without the text


Black looks awesome without the text. White looks awesome with the text. Not a fan of the red or green.


I really like the shirt! But I don't get the text.


Not a big fan of text on tees to begin with and with the amazing artwork here, it definitely hurts it. Drop the text and I'll bite


Well, the words individually go well with the shirt. The saying as a whole, i'm not so sure about.

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