Off The Tracks

  • by Pieira
  • posted Dec 07, 2006

Thought I'd try resubmitting this as a 2 colour design.

Watch this

I really like the simplicity that this offers as opposed to the other version. It's well done, and brings back memories :) Nice job.

Freddie Mokuyobi

I loved playing with these things!!! I would like it better though if it were true to the colors (red blue and green car). Also, maybe on a different color shirt. It looks kind of bland.

.onion profile pic Alumni

But I like them both :) Wonderful illustration.

Phil 404

yellow is better with the red, but the grey looks better without.

but both 5 for me. nice.


some brighter colors and i'd buy :) love the design!


i like the simple color scheme. i like the shirt very much.

gadget arms

I have to agree with Phil; the yellow one looks better with red wheels, and the grey one looks better without... Maybe they could print both colour options like they've done with some other designs.


THis is quite good!

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

The first one with red wheels and without hatched shadows was better I think. But still nice.

staffell profile pic Alumni

i'd say it prolly wasn't worth resubbing


Cool. $4.


Crazy train |:-D... $5


like the idea, not the shirt color.


I like the design, I'd like to see some darker shirt colors, dark gray, forest maybe?


i really like this idea and this shirt, but something about that kind of perspective would make me think twice about wearing the shirt. That amount of depth into my chest would freak me out. But great design, 5.


Ooh, I love this. I wish the shirt could really show the detail.


i like this a lot. really nice and simple and lovely illustration. not trying too hard. simple concept.


i LOVE IT but it would be beautiful on royal blue.


It's well done, but makes for a somewhat boring shirt.


I think it looks ace! i like the colours just how they are (grey slightly better than yellow), but i didn't see the original. + I used to have those trains!

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