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Bubble Trapped

works with pretty much all colors

Watch this

I like the idea of this shirt, but I think it would be a bit better if the guy in the bubble were a little more detailed, especially at the top/head.


change the person in the bubble to someone with their hands pressed against the edges... either on their knees or something of the sort


yeah, he should be trying to get out of the bubble.


pretty cooool.


on black? i love black shirts


Fix the head of the person in the bubble-I think that's his arm but it looks like he's got a mohawk or something


I agree with the other comments.... nice shirt tho. I like it on the green!


is no one else reminded of the scene in cinderella where she is cleaning and she's in all of the bubbles.....


Yeah, I like it a lot but I agree that bubbleman should be a little more interesting.


The design works very well with the shirt. It's very close to complete, but I agree there needs to be something more interesting going on in the bubble. Please work on it - I love the idea!


Why are they wearing suits? Idea is cool, but the bubbledudes might be more casually dressed for such shenanigans.


I think its an amazing idea but the guy in the bubble needs to have a little more detail... his arms look like they're coming out of his head and kinda give him a rooster look. Other than that, 4.


I saw a mohawk there as well; this makes me think of Killer Klownz when they zapped 'em w/ the balloon guns...


gosh im beginning to wish i liked simple designs...


" xiiiin on Dec 12 '06
change the person in the bubble to someone with their hands pressed against the edges... either on their knees or something of the sort"

I just want to second this suggestion


I like the colors and the design really does keep you staring at it for like 10 minutes. I also like the placement.


i love this design... i love pretty much all oyur designs, they are great!


put it on a black shirt and i would buy it.


for some reason i feel like the guy in the bubble is wearing a turban that has a feather stuck in it. other than it's great concept!


I dig it. $5

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The idea is great, but I agree with xiiin and chiefmc. Make the guy in the bubble actually looked trapped, like a mime in a box :) The shirt looks awesome!


are u a rob dobi fan by any chance?


@japesy: the biggest one out there


dr. loopy: i don't like being wrongfully accused ... please post a link to 'the original piece' then.

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