The Landlord's Daughter

  • by monaux
  • posted Dec 07, 2006

I'll take no gold miss, I'll take no silver;

I'll take those sweet lips, and thou will deliver!

Watch this

waist too tiny... makes everything above the waist looks shifted in an awkward way... no surprise with this comment... i don't like the heart in the bubble. i don't think the stark white moon behind her is working for ya... since her face and hair have no color. I'm not crazy about the way she is placed in the boat... is she standing? starting to squat? can't tell... whew... this is what happens when i am up late. i'll end on a high note... i love her and her dress is awesome, but this sub isn't as much eye candy as the mermaid one.


Wow, I love your style too!


wow... xiiiin, you have too much time on your hands! i do think the heart bubble could go...


I gotta say..everytime Im looking at designs this past week...its like my eye is directed to your pieces!....Im like WHOA!...and then I see its yours and I hate drawing again cuz they are seriously awsome!!


would love this on a darker tee. love the illo.


The woman's face is beautiful, but her hands don't seem to be illustrated with the same care as done with the face.


It's red like blood! And it fits the tone so well. It is great.


the ladlord's daughter from the highwayman?


I'd like it better without the boat!
But still awe$ome!


The LANDlord's daughter in a boat? Inentional irony or accidental?


could do without the heart, $4

chanda two hats

not sure about the moon but i love the skirt.


I like the heart for some reason and I really like the placement of the design too.

noponies profile pic Alumni

you have a nice style..


I really hope they print one of yours.

Rachel Fails

I think it's perfect... the red white and black work very well for contrast and the heart in the bubble completes the style - I thought it was cool anyway.


that's beautiful. my only complaint is her cheeks. but a 5.


I like everything about it except for the circles on the cheeks.


this would look awesome if the dress looked more firey .. and more spread out .. xD;


She's great, except for her creepy hands. I LOVE the dress, small waist, everything else.


She's a hottie, but the boat and her waist look way too small.


take the circles off her cheek

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