my version of ORLY.

kind of sketchy. but i figured it was fun.

larger version found here

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Definately digging the owl, but the text i think takes away from it a little.


Maybe make the text a little bit smaller.

Hurray Beer

Really like the owl! Would give it a 5 if you could lose the text!


5$ for the owl, but it would be much better without the text.


YA RLY! actually, no thanks


love the bigger image, hate the text

oh monica

o rly?
ya rly!
no waiii!
ya waiii!!!!


yeah you either get it or you don't.

its an internet thing.

ill make another owl sub without the text.


all you guys who are saying lose the text are so incredibly stupid. how can you use the internet and not know what that means.


thesparrowband on Dec 09 '06
all you guys who are saying lose the text are so incredibly stupid. how can you use the internet and not know what that means.

how can you use the internet and not know the orly owl is old and worn out. the style of the owl is very nice though.


why does threadless hate my html? screw you too threadless.


I really like this one! $5


lol @ nerds making fun of people for not spending their whole lives on a computer. why does the owl have a mouth instead of a beak?


cause i tried to make the beak with yellow. but it looked odd. so i went with black. if you look at the larger version i posted you can kind of see the outline.


i dont think the people saying lose the text are idiot. they just think the designs is lessened by it. jeez. what ever happened to being nice. but yeah. i like it. smaller text. or higher text placement.


wow so many interweb n00bz


i love the text....plz leave it


I like the owl a lot but I really hate that it's an O RLY owl.

Offline Pixel

$4, $5 and I'd buy it without the text.


hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! keep the text, it makes it what it is. it's a well-executed design, i like your style and use of colours. it's beautiful AND hilarious!!! $5.



Definetly $5 - keep the text or it's just worthless...


thanks everyone.
i rly think ur great.


keep the text, but I think I'd like the Owl bigger in proportion to the text... mostly just because I really want more owl.

Ava Adore

haha no wai!
nicely done!


The illustration is great, I don't think it goes well with the text. It makes sense but it just looks wrong. Not giving you a bad score though.


Thanks for doing an owl!!!!!!! (I made the request on the fox t-shirt since owls are obviously the greatest birds to exist. Ever.)


welcome bridge. i did another too. it should be up sometime soon.


I really think that you should lose the text. The owl more than makes up for it. Just owl...awesome shirt.


I like the owl a lot, but I'm sorry, I dont get the text, and I'm on the internet 10 hours a day. Must be a niche I'm not familiar with.


get instead of saying
"no, just no"

how about saying something productive or at least witty.



I way dig the owls, they remind me of a black velvet painting. I Don't think the text adds tho, cus your owl doesn't match that expression.

Baron von Aaron

without the text it's just an owl

the ORLY with the owl makes sense to people who know about it. I'd buy it. I'm not a nerd, and just because someone knows of the ORLY owl doesn't mean they're a geek or nerd or anything.


I think the text gives it context, but it would look better if it was smaller in proportion to the owl.


Isn't the o rly thing done? This design was up here over a year ago.


red sugar, take another look at that design you posted and tell me how they are similar other than orly?


They're nothing similar, except the o rly. Your style is gorgeous (I especially liked your dragon), I just think the o rly thing is dated and done.

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