• by degz007
  • posted Dec 06, 2006

This is my first submission, so go easy.

Watch this

What happened to cds?


well if you're going to include cd's then you might as well include those magnetic tapes.

gadget arms

I think CDs would just look weird in this line up.


cds could be a whole other design with cassettes and records and mp3 players and smaller mp3 players. i like this design alot. i'd wear it on white $5


It was almost ten years after audio CDs were released that CDRs became available to Joe Six-Pack.
All the discs in the design save for the flash drive are magnetic media. There're also tape drives, but who would recognize one nowadays?

Mr. Wander

Wow! Zip Disks! I remember those!

Phil 404

I like the idea & style, but would prefer if they where the same height.
(and I remember zips being bigger than floppys ..?)


this has been done so many times and it has never been good, yours included


you could at least do this concept justice and start from the phonograph, and throw in cd's and laser disks


Nice design, i can understand the concept behind. Don't pay attention to these people up here, they just like to rip designs to death.

Tommy Rocketboots

Its a good concept. Good work on your first submission.


It'd be funny to see the standard monkey-man evolution thing, only each one was holding a part of the above design. Anyway... cool.


dethcab, it's removable/rewritable media :P And onthat note, applauds 5$!


i like it. CD's would look weird, because everything else in the line up is square. i dig.


for the people saying that there should be CDs, you are forgetting that the things on the shirt are for storage (the stuff can be taken on and off the disks) while a CD is (usually) permanent and the information stays on there


whats the last thing? i can hardly tell


I love it! very much agree with styxo21, CDs aren't needed. Plus I like that they're all rectangular, it looks very good that way. I like the sizing, kind of a mirror image of the classic "crouching ape to tall man" evolution shirt.


I really like it. It almost doesn't need the 'evolution' text underneath.


I think I still have a zip drive in my attic, anyone want it? Its worth about $2.15


I love it but like someone said make the image slightly bigger.


ain't that the truth! i like!


No Cd's cuz all that is re-writable media and a Cd-rw would look funny.

Nice job :)


It would be a cool ad for Scan Disc but it don't know how much I'd want it on a shirt.


good idea, could use some polishing


lol my computer doesnt even have a zip drive


Great design. Could be a little bigger. Those who keep asking about CD's are missing the point. $5 I'd buy =)


Most people never had or heard of a Zip drive. They were common (sorta) before peoeple had writable CD-drives. I had one for an old apple mac years back, 100MB disks. seemed like a lot back then heh


Shut up about CD's, they're unnecessary here. This amuses me, and if I had spare cash I'd probably get it because I'm a nerd.


LOLZOZLZ U 4GOT CDS LOLZ shut up already. I like it, but definitely without the text. Reminds me of those good ole days in computer lab where we used those early Apples that had black screens and exclusively green text.


Doesn't need the text, but otherwise pretty nice. And dorky :D


I love dorky shirts, also cause im a girl and wearing them turns heads. But where are the CDs?


i love it.... dorky but uber cool too. I like the evolution... leave out the cds, and keep the zip drive. Keep it portable.
ps - i'd get rid of the text though bc the message is really clear without it. good work!


no cds....i love it i wouldnt wear it but i love it...4


and not a peep about intelligent design! :)


Very clever indeed. I like the zip disc how long were those around. The other day my Dad was trying to put the big floppy disk into his new computer and was pissed that it didn't fit. The message is clear - but i think with the text you can open that whole area into the evolutions or humans and their tools parallel. Darwin would think you were clever too.


i like it -- i agree with styx & others who don't think cds fit in this lineup. i also like that they aren't the same height (part of the point is that things get smaller, right?), and i think the graphic is a good size. i'd prefer it without the text, but nice first submission!

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