Gum Stain

My Threadless Debut. A tribute to the reason that most kids bought Baseball cards back in the day. I also enjoyed planting little tributes throughout the card info. Since Fargo ND is a strong theme throughout the design, I think Dakota Slate would be the way to go. Anyway, I hope you think this sub has "more flavor than Fruit Stripe Gum."

Watch this

need to make the gum look more like gum, less like a hole in the card.


OOoooooooo! I see now! I thought it WAS a hole in the card!! You know, a lot of gum has those V type texturing, maybe that would help it look like gum?


Extra love for using Fargo, North Dakota in a design.


Thanks for the feedback. I'll have to pick up an old pack of cards and do some research. I don't think that crunchy bubble gum had the tire tread "V" texture, but I do think it had a "white powdery sugar dust" on it. A person would probably get interrogated if they tried to mail it post 9/11.


sorta like a pile of tribbles with captain kirk sticking out.

Best reference ever!


I absolutley do not think that this will be appreciated by anyone, it is way to obscure.


Just wanted to point out a couple things, and many of you are probably getting this anyway, the Threadless community seems razor sharp.

The name Roy D. Freeman is a play on words. 'Roid Free, Man. In reference to baseball's 'roided up body builders of today verses the "beer belly boys" that I watched as a kid.

And more Pop Cultural, but hard to see... In the "Thay Say:" cartoon area it states, Roy's Nickname is "The King of Clubs."
Which is the name of the bar in the movie FARGO, where William H. Macy meets with Steve Buschemi and the mobster dude from "Prison Break".

I'll shut the hell up now, have a nice weekend.

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