c, eh? n, eh? d, eh?

Oh Canada! It may not be my home or native land but true patriot love was indeed my motivation to whip this one up. Comments and critiques would be mucho obliged! ^_^

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Well, this canuck loves it. I'm really digging the style of the characters. Nice work!


It appears that the speech balloons when spoken together quickly sounds out CehNehDeh = Canada. If that's what you are trying to do, then I doubt many are going to pick it up due to the commas & question marks.


to the last guy: two seconds more on the thought process might have gotten you a gold star on that one. C, eh?("A") N, eh? ("A") D, eh? ("A", (again!!)) = ....... CANADA!!! Wooohoo!


helo tends to not think his comments out before he posts them. Just... ignore him... ^_- :P


i'm with helo... i did not grasp it until reading the comments... maybe an en-dash (–) or an em-dash (—) would help... or how's about the ellipsis (...) yeah that would do it. C...eh N...eh D...eh
how's aboot it?


if it were ' instead of , i would have understood it


thumbs up. i got it right away..


haha, i appreciate it. i'm in cehnehdeh as we speak. (how do you not get it?!)


Awesome. I love the characters, not to mention the country.


Love the colours, love the design, man o man this needs to be printed, eh? :)


Thanks for all the votes and comments so far! ^_^
Just to clarify (I honestly didn't think I'd need to!), but it SPELLS out Canada. Its not meant to spoken as one word.


It tool me awhile to understand, but only b/c it says "eh" instead of "ay" i think if that was changed it would be better. love the desighn and the joke!


Thanks you for the comment! I wrote "eh?" because that's how I've usually seen it written. And perhaps it's less obvious if the word that translates to the letter "A" doesn't contain the letter "A", you get me?


That's kinda cute! I like it.


You can tell who the americans are, but that's okay, slow people can be productive members of society, too.


Those of us from Michigan and probably every other northern state know that joke very well. I knew what it was right when I saw it. I love it and would probably buy it!


Ah crap! I just realised that I never changed the colour of the guy in the top left hand corners hat! It's meant to be the t-shirt colour so it would just be four colours on the tee! Argh!


LOL. I am a Canadian and this makes me laugh. I get the hockey player and the mountie, but what the heck is that other guy with the box-shaped hat!?!? haha. I think a beaver would work well.
I think the graphic could be a little smaller on the shirt too.


"Eh" is how you should spell it, I love the joke, but the illustrations are a little hard to see on that color.


I love the colors, love the joke, love the faces. A+.


Ha ha, it's cute!
I assume the third guy is a lumberjack? By the way, we do say "eh" not "ay".


I'm Canadian :) I like it, but i'm French so no eh for me.


I love seeing a Canadian-themed shirt on here. And you're not even Canadian! Thank you so much, sir! It's fantastic. That's one of my favourite jokes.


absolutely love it. nice to know there are canadians on this site :D

ladykat profile pic Alumni

haha, i love it! it took me a sec (i'm a stupid american) but it's awesomeness can't be stopped!


Thank you all for such lovely comments. Answers to some points brought up:

- The other guy is a lumberjack. Once I submitted this I began to see that a little more detail on his "box-shaped hat" would have been a good idea. A beaver would have been a great idea too! Aw man, why didn't I think of that?! Smaller on the shirt? Perhaps perhaps.
- I think we've all settled that the spelling is "eh", eh?
- I am not Canadian. It's just an awesome country is all.

Thanks again to all for the comments! This is my third submission to Threadless and so far the feedback has been great!


haha! i love it!


I love Canada!!! this totally made me smile!


maybe if you took out the question marks on the C and N, and left it at the D, it would be grasped a little quicker. It wouldn't immediately make people think each speach bubble is it's own sentence. :)

I got it, but you want more than half of the other people to understand it, too.


But grammatically, it would be wrong to leave the question marks out! The joke is that (and forgive me for such stereotypical assumptions) Canadians end their sentence with the question "eh?". Not putting the question marks in would, in my mind, make it more confusing!


I agree! I grew up in vermont and almost fell over laughing when i saw this, way to go!


haha that is AWESOME!!!! and i know the PERFECT PERSON to get it for!


Oh I love this shirt!


absolutely awesome!


Thanks once again to all who've dropped comments on here! Much appreciated!


maybe if it was "aye?" instead of "eh?" it would be easier to understand


Awww man! I thought we had agreed that the spelling was "eh"? T_T


There's enough people who pronounce "eh" as in meh rather than the Canadian pronunciation (ay) that alternate spellings are wanted.


As a resident of Michigan's Upper Peninsula (practically Canada), and a user of "eh," I would be offended if it were intentionally spelled any other way. "Dat der be da only 'orrect spellin, eh!"


I don't know anyone who wouldn't get this... and I do know people. I've never seen "eh?" in reference to Canada spelt in any other way than "eh?" The commas are best, otherwise it makes absolutely no sense. apostrophes would lead to exactly the misunderstanding that a few people had, hyphens also do not work. elipsis maybe, but could still be taken as someone hesitating or stuttering "deh?".


love it I love Canaduh!

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