And the teacher asked me to draw my family...

this is great. top notch :D. i like it on the white side placement one. 5$ definatly!

Watch this

Better on khaki. Or yellow.


Very cute :) I don't think it should be quite so vertical though? Or maybe not quite as big? The placement looks a little awkward in both illustrated locations.


super cute :)

i like the side placement, but maybe it it wasn't so straightly vertically, but maybe tipped slightly to the right so it contours the shirt better?

very cute tho :)


hahaha very nice. I actually like the design and the placement that you put on the white shirt. the green one is a bit monotone. anyways, that is very funny and clever.


Just copy & paste with liljo said. : )


peas in a pod...hehe


The idea is so cute! I like it a lot, but the drawing quality could use a bit of improvement. It looks like the vectors got out of control in the pea's hair.


placement and size aren't quite so right, but i love the design, it's so cute!

Slinkey Binky

it's cute!!
i don't think that it is on the right colour though, or the right size


if white side placement then 5$


i've made x-mas ornaments like this when i was a wee-pea

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