The Last Words of F.S. Tuberosum

I know what you're thinking: Who's the REAL killer here? Well, I'm not sure, but I've hired ace detective Orenthal James Simpson to find out! (What is this, two weeks ago? Are we still making these jokes?) He is highly experienced in sleuthing out "REAL killers", so with him on the case, we'll have this mystery figured out in no time!!! (and by "no time" I mean like, "12+ years and he was the one responsible the whole time. YOU HEARD IT HERE FOLKS: OJ SIMPSON TOTALLY INVENTED THE PROCESS OF PARTIALLY HYDROGENATING OIL." What a jerk, I tells ya'.) For more stupid fun comments, please see my blog post.

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they have to fucking put this on a t-shirt
if not i'll put it on a tshirt
somehow i will


It doesn't really need the extra minus the small type...the design can stand on it's own.

Montro profile pic Alumni

Very cute $5


Poor Frenchy. It's okay lil' dude, we'll let your wife know you love...even though she may be cheating on you with the onion rings.


$5 This is the only fast food shirt that's any good.


i likey!


i like the title you gave.

R_G profile pic Alumni

hahahaha I love this!

fc gravy

frenchyyy!!! hahaha. i havn't seen death look so cute. it makes me hungry.


haha, frenchy speaking makes it better. 5$ an extra $ if he speaks!


I would lose the small type. It's brilliant on its own. Love it!


this made me laugh, but i think if you exaggerate the horror on the box of fries' face a bit, then he doesn't need to say anything.


I love this design.. gunna blog it!!! wooooooooo. Please get printed. $5


Also please e-mail me via my blog when you have your own clothing range I will buy some stuff.


Awesome character design! I love it! I think it would work fine without the small type too (the ' death' and 'Tell my wife I love her').


nice ref to david bowie....


This shirt rocks!!!


Groovy! And I think it's way better WITH the french fries' comment.


With or without the comment... I will be buying this shirt (power of positive thinking).


make the "to death" part a bit bigger...but its no big deal. i


wtf. i got cut off. the i heart french fries.


lol. my friends say the little girl looks like me eating french fries =] i always got my hair up in pigtails. lol anyways i'd totally buy this =]

ilovegravy profile pic Alumni

Hooray!! Thanks x 394850945 for all the support and input, you guys!! :D As always, I super appreciate it. <3 I think it's interesting that there's opinions coming from all angles on the text! Keep some of the text vs. keeping none of it vs. getting rid of it all. haha Anyhoo, I appreciate the feedback and can see where you guys are coming from.

orangemako: haha, I'm glad you enjoyed the title! Gotta love those scientifical names.

PandaBearChrissy: haha that's awesome! I wear my hair in pigtails a lot, too, so the girl is supposed to be me. :D

ilovegravy profile pic Alumni

wtf, "keeping none of it vs. getting rid of it all." haha sigh. Make that: keeping all of it vs. getting rid of it all.


love the design. would love it even more if "i


love the design. would love it even more if "i love french fries" was omitted.....the image speaks for itself.


yea id like it withough the wife comment but still print!

random rain

would buy it print or no...and one for each of my kids...print this in kids sizes powers that be!


REMINDS ME OF DR. TRAN and WTF the game title.
the style does


This is the swetest shirt it is definately tshirt worthy

ilovegravy profile pic Alumni

And more thanks for the comments!! theurbanraptor: Is that a good or a bad thing? haha I've heard of that game and it sounds pretty fun! :D


Interesting how people voice their own opinions of a shirt you designed. I guess they're the people that vote. Anyway I love, and I want it!!!


Someone behind me says the little girl reminds her of a little girl from an old tv show. It's a good thing. It made her happy. The wife comment did it for me, though.


Ahhhh! So cute! I would like better if the fries wern't talking, though.

Magenta Cobra

I like the french fry wife line. It's a secret message for people who get close enough for a hug.

ilovegravy profile pic Alumni

More thanks all around! :D x10plus: It is a tragic design, indeed! :( hehe Magenta Cobra: Yes! Hugging-length-sized fine print is great!!

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