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I love the animation. too bad you can't put that on a shirt.

Watch this

I like this.


I think the idea is super cute. I'd like to see the monster either have more form or less form. It's in a strange "mid-place" where is isn't a thing and isn't a symbol.


i love it. way to go 5$


I LOVE monsters, but I wish this one had a little more definition.


I like it best when the monster is darker


the animation is great. i like the shirt too.


would the child's eyes be closed or open on the shirt? I think I kind of like them at the half-open point, like he's just starting to wake up because he heard something. I also like the monster at the mid-point of your animation- when he's not totally black and not bright pink either. I love the design either way-5

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great presentation. nice characters and colors.


I love this! I think I lve the monster even more than the kid, he seems such a good person!


this reminds me of "Monster's Inc".... in a good way.


uhh so is it first or last image that's gonna be on the shirt?


i would love this if the monster was just the silhoette like it starts, right as it gets the eyes. Or if not leave it black, keep it a really dark shade of purple.

the czar

Think it's cool, don't care for the shade of pink the monster is. 3


I think it should be bigger on the t-shirt


Beautiful design: great for a children book! Maybe the mosnter looks like a massive chewing gum...


I agree with insolity: the mosnter in black with the eyes would be better


i want the animation on the shirt!!


Hyper color monster! DO IT!

gadget arms

I wish it could be animated like that on the shirt.


Maybe in glow in the dark ink or something. So that it could go through that changing color business. But I dunno :P


they have that ink that is clear, but colors when in sunlight, but i don't know how much sense it would make for the monster to come out in the sun, so glow in the dark ink might be the way to go.


its cute!! i love it!


when the monster emerged it scared the crap out of me

mighty moody mut

the idea and the colours pretty much work good together and the presentation is funny, too.
but somehow i do not like that lil' boy in bed!!!!!!!!!!!
don't get mad!!!!!!3!!!!!!!
good luck!!!!!!


make the kid looking over his should at it and it dark.


it would be so cool if just their eyes glowed in the dark. and i love the monster in hot pink, it makes him more friendly.


it would look great with just their eyes in glow in the dark ink. i love the monster hot pink, it makes him more friendly.

random rain

love this !print it $5.All your designs are good .Wish I could get the sushi one.Will get this one..please print in child size too!


Glow in the dark monster all the way. I love the little boys eyes.


love it with the black monster
makes him seem almost invisible, which is perfect for a child's night-time fears


I like the idea. It's great design but the colors....


I wonder if you could do the animation on a shirt with glow in the dark ink? The Monster appearing, not the eyes blinking.


in a few years animated shirts are the thing. Threadless could lead the way to interesting designs since what the companies come up with is a load of crap at the first stage.


Wow, does the tshirt do that? hahaha.


i think it would work slightly better if the kid's eyes were facing forward, like he's staring off into his room because he's afraid to look behind him.


Awesome concept! But, could you make the monster a little more... Have more conspicuous in detail?


cute! good job on the shadows.

Velvet Jones

ooh! I'm 14. I'll wear this! All my friends will think I'm soooooo cute!


So the animation just makes me think that it should be some sort of hyper-color ink (okay, I'm a child of the 80s, I admit it)

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