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Delicious Cow

  • by konqi
  • posted Dec 03, 2006

Say hello to the sad but delicious cow! After many hours of hard work he is finaly free to compete!

Watch this

Teeehee. I like the idea. Not on the red though. Maybe the cow could be black instead?


i think the top bun is a little awkward looking. good idea though.


Thanks for the response. I submitted it after a lot of work with the cow itself and I was really tired of it, so I kind of just finished it off. The next thing I did was to send it to a friend that looked at it earlier in the process. He mentioned the top bun too, and I became so angry as one cannot submit new entires with similar looks just to adjust minor things.

Clairecastles: I tried with a lot of combinations, (even a cartoon cow), but I ended up with the red because I wanted a strong color in the cow to draw the attention towards it.


It comes across as a statement about vegetarianism (and/or maybe Hinduism?) rather than about fast food. Great cow though.


Very good! I'm a vegetarian so I love it. :) You should put the text on :)
If you do change it, make the horse a little bigger


GAAHHHH!! I mean HORNS, not horse.


oh my god this scared me


:-( Out of the competion! Moof

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