Russian Evolution

I tried submitting this during the summer, but now with some changes hopefully its up to threadless's standards! ^_^

Matryoshka dolls are very popular in Russian culture, why not mix Darwin's theory and my heritage together?

Watch this

I love the idea. I would see if you can get the lines, mostly on the monkey and the Neanderthal guy, a little crisper. Also, I would flip so it "reads" left to right, going monkey --> Neanderthal --> Doll. Great concept though, this is definitely on it's way to a $5!


i agree with above, the idea is cool, but the lines are a little jagged, was this done at 72 dpi?


Done with Jasc Software Paintshop pro 7, sadly. I don't have my photoshop installed.


Excellent job, the lines could be neater but it's a great concept - I'm sure it could be cleaned up if chosen. I'd buy it!!

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Russian Monkeys, eh? Sounds somewhat familiar... just kidding.


Deep space monkey, like I said, I submitted it during the summer, but it got rejected by the threadless people.


yeah, left to right would make more sense--interesting idea though.


love it, good design and great idea.


This is very creative but it looks too pixeled


I like the idea,but the drawing is not as good as the idea.


yeahhh, laurel you need to get a vector program to do that

and left to right would be better, because you know, that's how you read. i saw the russian doll first and iw as like uh?


the words russian revolution are soo wrong. makes no sence at all.. and why russian monkeys?


Good concept, but as others said, reverse the order, and at least have some lines across the midsection so they look like the dolls. It would be even better to have some that are half-man on the top, half-monkey on the bottom, etc. to further illustrate the evolution thing...and have the top pieces just laying around.


i really don't like my username.
i voted XD


moooooooooore. go down to microbial level!

Mikko Terva
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good idea, maybe one more. a fish with legs?


I'm trying to think of ways to elaborate on the design, for a resubmission if it doesn't get printed.

sl8763, I'm thinking I'll take some of those suggestions.
And maybe a fish with legs in there too, Mikko.

Thanks guys!!! :D


I love that design a lot a lot. I hope it makes it cuz I'll buy it. :]]


awesome concept . i'd buy it if there were more.


Looking at this picture (and reading right to left) it loks as if you are saying that the Russians have gone back in evolution - have monkey then man then doll, makes better sense.


I think the idea is great, but the design doesn't live up to it. Better colors, better design and it's a 5.


cool concept, but I would like to see it better executed


Just tidy it up a bit.


i really like the monkey but i do't like the other 2 that much.


great idea.. everyone else already suggested the same adjustments I would have.

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