In the Minds Of Children

Cool idea, but IMO it'd work better if the boy's thoughts were in different colors. Don't know many boys who'd think in pink...

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frogs and jacks vs kittens and flowers? hmm...


i like the idea of a shirt showing how boys and girls think differently, but it's presented a little too sexist here. the silhouettes pose that these two kids are anybody and everybody, and not everyone thinks like that.


um....its not supposed to be taken 'literally'. maybe next time i'll put drugs and sex in their heads, is that more realistic?


very cute design. I rather like the coordinated colors between the boy and the girl.


Girls are made from sugar and spice and everything nice. Whereas, I believe that boys are made from slime and snails and puppy dogs' tails.
I like this sort of representation of it.


I don't know if it's what you were getting at, but I really like it, because what they are thinking is different, but maybe not all that different, which is represented by the similat colors but different images. It's almost like keeping the stereotype and breaking it at the same time! - 5 from me!


the frog made me think of the "frogs and snails and puppy dog tails" thing, and I was looking for them in the picture.


wow, nicely done!


There should be some mud in there. When I was a kid I thought of mud a lot.


the boy's hair is a little strange, but for now i'd give it a 4.


I love the idea, but the kids should be thinking drastically different things with completely different graphic styles. less emphasis on girl vs. boy. I don't think anyone's internal brainscapes are that alike.


i like how they are thinking the same kind of things, which shows how similar they are, but also each different

that might not make sense


because the girl has girly things- flowers..
the boy has boyish things- frogs..
but they are yet both similar

i'll stop now


I'm going to give this a $5 simply to challenge to uber-sensitive interpretation by pseudosara21.


Mommy likes it. :) give the girl a 5 and let's see what happens next.


Sweet design! $5!


Good concept - I'd change the colors of the thoughts so it's more obvious that the kids are thinking about different things.


It's not the sexism that bothers me, it's the way the boy's head is drawn.


Make the boys thoughts different colors from the girls thoughts


i really like it, but it took some time to see the hat, ditch the hat imo...and you cant deny that even if it is sexist, its still cute and true for the most part


Very cute but lose the hat, no-one wears hats like that so I don't think very many people would realize what it is?


No red shirt, but the white one rocks! $5


I like that the kids are old-fashioned and you know, kind of out of style. It lets me think that the obviously gendered thoughts and overt sexism are out of style as well.
Well-executed design for all that.


I was looking around for slugs and snails too...
I'd make the brains a little bigger. I like the thoughts in the same colours as eachother.


i like the drugs and sex idea.


its prety auesum. nt realy something id wear but i know a few people id love ta buy it for. i like how the colours stand out on the maroon T...but then i dont like maroon...haha

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