the age-old childrens song visually manifested

Watch this

there should be another half of a person so that it'll say knees and toes again


maybe with a background?...


You forgot eyes, and ears, and nose, and mouth....

i know the song in french actually.


i like the half person idea is sweet. I really like this tee, i teach children to ride horses and i changed the song to "head shoulders hips and heels" but this would be great for teaching still!


This is awesome. Maybe the text can be a bit bigger? No? Yeah, I dunno. It's sweet as as it is. The half person idea is cool! Hehe.

I Sing the Body Electric

half a person, great idea, I will give it a shot, I hope it doesn't look like some weird arch or something, anyway, I will give it a try and if this doesn't win AND they let me resubmit, you will see it again, they didn't let me resubmit my design for Spotless Mind :(


Half person! Yes!!!
5 Dolla!


It's just so plain... it looks awesome against the background of that rainbow of colors (if only threadless would let you use that many...!) but it's just too boring with nothing else going on.


nifty, I dea, but I LOVE chelly's idea. 2 as is, 4$ as a resub (but if you win, chelly deserves a healthy share of the spoils)


eyes eays mouth and nose!?


sorry ears


i agree it needs some kind of background -


on the back it should say "...and eyes and ears and mouth and toes..."


this is freakin hilarious! $5


i'm all about another half a person. i'd even lend my knees & toes, lol.


haha oMarie i do too. i think the darker blue is the best


it looks like you did this in a very short amount of time.


funniest crap EVAAAARRRR!

Al Veryard

This is a great little idea, yep put a half person in it, and maybe a font with a bit more character. The amount of time spent creating the image for the tee is not important, the idea and visual presence of the result is what its all about.

I Sing the Body Electric

well said, I mean really, to FrootLuips: it is a freakin stick man, how long did you expect it to take me to make? But as I said before I will definitely resubmit, I have already made the half person, it looks awesome, just gotta wait till this one runs out of time. I would be interested in trying some different fonts if anyone has any suggestions, and maybe some kind of background, or a medallion around it...hit me with some ideas.


i think i'd prefer it if you used a more realistic sillohette (which turns out to be a word i cant spell) - please consider it if you do resub


half person! half person!

Yuji Garami

the legs seem to be too long


I like it the way it is now. I would wear it like this, but the 1 1/2 person Idea feels incomplete.
I hope this gets printed. otherwise I'll make one for myself.


its kind of plain... need more and a background, but other than that, its a good idea


its plain but its good. i like it!


Wow, did it take all of 2 minutes to make this?


i agree with the half person suggestion


half person. do it.


kind of plain


Needs more to it... but a cute concept.


Would you pay $20 for that if you saw it?

Baron von Aaron

body electric.. everyone knows that if it takes more time to make, it's automatically better. for that I give you a 0. Just kidding. $5


This one made me laugh out loud. I think I would have rolled around on the ground cackeling maniacally if you had added the half person after it. (Glad to read that detail is in the works). Maybe the lines pointing to the body parts could be broken and paralell to the hem like stitching? Just a thought.

I Sing the Body Electric

interesting, I will give all of this a shot, question though....a lot of people have been talking about how little time it must have taken, I thought a simple iconic representation of a person would be best, but should I do a more defined form?

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