Zombies Are Real

Rebel against a society of distractions, and wake up to your surroundings! Here we have a fashionable girl with her mp3s, the ever-important business man talking on his cell phone, and a nondescript teen playing on his portable media player. I understand this design may ruffle a few feathers here, but that's the effect I'm going for.

Watch this

im do dissappointed. i wanted to se an actual zombie.

the third guys hands look weird.

and the eyes on the girl in the red dress don't match the rest of the style.


I see what You were trying do make, good idea.


Im not so sure about the design but i lvoe the message you are trying to send


Yeah, its a great concept, but without the title I wouldn't even get the message you are trying to point out.


thanks for your comments, seems this one's a flop. I'd love constructive criticism please! how can I improve the design?

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Good concept! Title I think could have been your first words: "Rebel Against Society"...or something along those lines.

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They are? Does that mean Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy are real too? It's like all bets are off.


Errors/Suggestions: The MP3 player girl's right foot looks awkward, I think it's the heel. Cellphone guy looks good. Portable Media Player guy, however.. if you had not mentioned that was what it was he had in his hands, I would not have known (maybe it's just me, though), it looks like.. a piece of paper. And I agree with theurbanraptor, the eyes of the girl in the red dress don't match the rest of the style.

I like the idea a lot, though, good job.


I'm actually glad that there are no zombies, I'm sick of them. This is a really intelligent idea and I would love for you to resub it! THe girl as a whole is a little too cartoonish. Make her more realistic and give her more detail, so she's more "alive" than the silhouettes, and for more reason than just the color! Please fix it, I'll be happy if you do.


like others have said, the people look awkward and disproportionate. great idea. i prefer great ideas illustrated simply. i don't know how you could do this. not my taste to have so much going on to recognize on a tshirt. but, like i said, great idea.


excellent concept, delivery needs work


maybe put zombies are real somewhere descreatly on the shirt?..


I really love the message, but as was said before, the girl needs work.


umm. poorly executed? fingers etc, red girl. maybe a real zombie hhe.


This concept is excellent, but you need to work on execution.
Please do another version & resub it, because the idea is too good to throw out.

work on media player guy's hands. perhaps he should be holding a sidekick instead? because that'd have a more reconizable shape.

The girl's face and hair needs work, but her body is actually pretty consistant.

The bird should look less cartoonish as well.

Please please work on it and resub. i'm looking forward to the next draft!


Thanks everyone for your input! I'll get started on a resub.


i fail so see what zombies have to do with it.


looks a little too much like an ipod ad with the first zombie.

and the last girl doesnt look right. good idea.


the girls eyes are too, well whatever, there just look misplacecd. And i love this idea, it's very Sandi Thom, but the execution. Maybe the last guy could be on his laptop?


good concept, however it would take a freak of nature to understand it just by the design. I recommend making the black figures in the classic 'zombie stance.'


The idea is stupendous. Wake up, world! Enjoy the music of nature!

The design could use some work. It is far from a flop, I will tell you that.


sorry, they all just look too weird for me.


Great concept, but it needs some work. :)

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