Band Kids Get All The Girls

they have hooves. and i guess some of their body parts just seem to dissapear, but i really think they're a cute pair? haha! But its true, Band Kids get all the girls ;)

Watch this

did u use the PAINT program?

Momo Muffins

i used a really quick photoshop stop. magic erase took away too much of the outlining so it looks kinda shoddy. :)


aww their hooved feet are cute and i really like the legs. maybe not on white though?


yeah it is kinda big but still its true.5$$$


he looks so emo/myspacey

in vino veritas

I quite like it, but I'd prefer a smaller placement.


I agree with the scaling down suggestions.

Momo Muffins

i think, smaller like, maybe still on the chest. I like the on the chest thing, maybe over the left side. I'm not sure where it would be placed. I agree with your comments on the sizing, i was kinda unsure


I'd like it smaller and cleaner design...

It just an awesomely cute start though.


haha. i like the hooves why not just make them into centaurs? (not kidding)


Nice idea, but it's still too raw. The rough style could be over-looked if you completely got rid of the photoshop 7 butterfly brushes stamped around it, and abandoned that horrid square pattern in the girl's clothes that's gone horribly wrong.

Don't get me wrong, I think this has a LOT of potential, but right now it's been ruined by using photoshop. Keep the organic raw nature of your art & give photoshop the boot!


Spend more time on your design next time and clean up the image... nobody deserves to win $2000 (let alone one of the Loves Contests) for something they admit is "shoddy" work. It's a nice style, however, and cute. Just put more time into it next go around!

Momo Muffins

so you guys think i should touch this sucker up then put it back up? or put it in as another design later?


this is really cute, but you have to clean it up a little...also maybe a smaller placement....

Momo Muffins

Pretty much here's the cleaned up version. I sat down and took a little time to colour and i'll have to say it looks better. haha.


nice lines. needs better placement and color. also try drawing each butterfly and not copying the same one.


i like how simple it looks. it's so cute!


well, it is sorta unfinished, but its SOOOOOO cute.


Definetly make it smaller but it's really cute, I like it $5


Yeah, I like the idea but the execution is too bad... and those squares hurt! Sorry, but you know that the execution is very poor...


The artwork reminds me of that Chalk Zone show that came on Nickelodeon. I think it adds some sort of quirky-ness to it.


i really love the idea and concept of this shirt! its totaly true!! but the art needs a little help. we all know that no one likes to draw hands and it kinda looks like you used the guitar as an excuse not to draw them holding hands. fix this and i would buy it. (her dress needs to be better too...not so pixel-ie)


MS Paint, much? Bleh...


i don't like the butterfiles
but it's definitely cute!!


I'd like to see cleaner lines, and I don't like the butterflies.


Blagahh, something about his hair makes me hate it. Maybe if he had a jew fro like Fabrizzio Morretti I would like it. As is it is Emo-esque and therefore annoying.
Also I agree with someone above; butterflies begone!


love the butterflies, great add ons. they give you more to look at, you know? i love everythign about this design. EVERYTHING. just alittle smaller, thats all or else you cant see the whole thing at once. dont you dare touch the guys hair. it makes him 'band-able' :) very nice concept, love her dress. where can i buy one?? (her dress and the shirt)

Momo Muffins

haha, thank you booboo, i'm glad someone likes the butterflies. i like butterflies alot and put them in alot of what i do. There is a submission i'm putting up where i did freehand them, and they're done in a way thats...more to the point and less of an add on. I hope you guys continue to comment.
I like the jew fro idea though, i just met a band kid with one, it adds amazing character. haha :) and I agree with everyone about deleting the butteflies!
they have been relocated to a better time and place


I'd love to see this on another color other than white or natural. There are simply far too many on those colors. Overall, I love your design, though!


I love the checkered dress concept! but then again, I am a big ska fan so I'm biased toward checkers. I think rather than butterflies, there should be hearts and/or music notes. It needs some work, but you should definitely clean it up and resubmit it!


I love the Edward Scissor Hands hands! Great colours.


It's cute. Really. And I would love to give this shirt to someone. But I liket the one that is on your blog. It looks more... I don't knwo how else to say it, but it looks more clean. But I like this idea a lot. And it is true. SOOOOO true. Band boys always get the girls. How could we resist?


I want her dress. the shirts cute too


i love it, but no butterflies. and her left arm looks like a pole,
maybe you should make that an umbrella/parisol ?
i think that be super cute instead of butterflies.
you have a really really cute idea though.


great idea, love the colors! however, it's too big and needs to cleaned up still.

Momo Muffins

i have decided to clean up and resubmit after all this is over :) hopefully it'll go through, i love how everyone is giving me all this helpful stuff and being honest!
parisol = uber cute idea, thank you!!!!!!!!!!

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